Government Submissions

10 April 2014

Submission to House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications

On Tuesday 4 March 2014 the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, The Hon Warren Truss MP, asked the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications to inquire into and report on Infrastructure Planning and Procurement. This submission contains Engineers Australia’s contribution for the Committee’s consideration.


3 April 2014

Submission - Response to the Productivity Commission Draft Report

This submission contains Engineers Australia's response to the Productivity Commission Draft Report.


23 March 2014

Submission to the AWPA Issues Paper

Engineers Australia's submission focuses on the engineering team comprised of professional engineers, engineering technologists and engineering associates. Matters concerning engineering trades raised in the Issues Paper are not addressed.


7 March 2014

Submission to the Queensland Plan: a 30 year vision for Queensland

This submission contains Engineers Australia's comments on the Queensland Plan: a 30 year vision for Queensland.


28 February 2014

Submission to Regulation of Design and Inspection Practitioners in the Construction Industry Discussion Paper

This submission provides Engineers Australia’s responses to consultation questions on the Regulation of Design and Inspection Practitioners in the Construction Industry Discussion Paper.


21 February 2014

Submission to Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper

Engineers Australia's submission is in response to the Department of the Environment's Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper.


7 February 2014

Submission to Energy White Paper 2014

Engineers Australia's submission is in response to the Government's Energy White Paper.


25 January 2014

Supplementary Submission to AWPA relating to Chemical Engineers and the SOL 

Engineers Australia's supplementary submission was prepared following an email invitation from Emily Sloan, Policy Officer, APWA, for Engineers Australia to put forward additional comments regarding the status of the occupation of Chemical Engineer on the SOL. The background is that this occupation was flagged for review in 2012 and AWPA has received conflicting advice about the current circumstances of this occupation. Engineers Australia is not aware of the nature of this advice.


24 January 2014

Submission to Victoria Economic and Industry  Review

Engineers Australia's submission addresses the Victoria Economic and Industry Review.


24 January 2014

Submission to South Australia Economic and Industry Review

Engineers Australia's submission addresses the South Australia Economic and Industry Review.


5 December 2013

Submission to the 30-year Electricity Strategy discussion paper - Powering Queensland's Future

Engineers Australia's submission provides responses to set questions from the Queensland Government.


1 December 2013

Submission to Government Reference to the Productivity Commission

On 13 November 2013, Treasurer Hockey asked the Productivity Commission to inquire into funding and financing options for public infrastructure and options for reducing infrastructure costs.  Engineers Australia takes a macroeconomic view on Australia's public infrastructure, looking at the decision-making, funding modelling, performance and behaviour of Australia's infrastructure.


26 November 2013

Submission to National Commision of Audit

Engineers Australia's submission addresses ‘Phase 2’ of the terms-of-reference: Commonwealth Infrastructure.


5 November 2013

Submission to the Review of the Dams Safety Act 1978

Engineers Australia argues that Recommendation 4 (“that the dam safety regulator be funded by relevant risk creators, which in this case are all the owners of prescribed dams in NSW”) of the Review is inconsistent with the general outcomes of the review.


30 August 2013

Response to consultation on labour market testing for 457 Visa Program

Engineers Australia strongly supports labour market testing as an integral part of the temporary work (457) visa program. The following submission identifies the need for  labour market testing to ensure temporary migration is being used to fill genuine short-term gaps in Australia's engineering workforce, without compromising the skilled migration program and its intentions.


11 Jul 2013

Proposal to cap self-education expenses tax deductions at $2,000

Engineers Australia opposes the government's proposed cap of $2,000 on tax deductions for self-education expenses. Engineers are required to maintain the highest standards of professional development and education, and the proposed cap has the potential to undermine our members' ability to maintain this high standard.


8 April 2013

Submission to The Department of Energy and Water Supply Discussion Paper: Queensland's Water Sector: a 30-year Strategy

Engineers Australia's submission provides responses to set questions from The Department of Energy and Water.


22 Mar 2013

Industry Innovation Precincts Consultation

Engineers are involved in a wide range of organisations and industries typically associated with innovation. This submission emphasises engineering as a critical element in the innovation process.


1 Mar 2013

Defence White Paper Consolidated Submissions

Almost a decade ago Engineers Australia drew attention to the risks associated with inadequate assessments of engineering and technical aspects of defence procurements. There are now additional problems stemming from engineering skill shortages throughout the economy, including in the Defence bureaucracy and military services and in the defence industries.


29 Jan 2013

Workplace Gender Equality Act Consultation

This submission is intended to inform the discourse on reporting and policy formulation for gender equality in the workplace by providing detailed information on the gender imbalance in the engineering profession.


25 Jan 2013

Supplementary Submission to AWOA Relating to Chemical Engineers and the SOL

This submission was prepared following an email invitation from Emily Sloan, Policy Officer, APWA, for Engineers Australia to put forward additional comments regarding the status of the occupation of Chemical Engineer on the SOL.


14 Dec 2012

Skilled Occupation List Update 2013

Engineers Australia believes that current skills shortages and unprecedented spending on infrastructure indicate that there should be no changes to the Skilled Occupation List for 2013-14.


5 Dec 2012

The development of skills required for Australia's Future Submarine program

Engineering expertise plays a central role in government’s ability to design, develop and to provide quality technical assessments and processes in the critical national security and defence environment.


14 Sep 2012

Senate select committee on electricity prices

Engineers Australia urges the Committee to clarify the facts about electricity prices as a matter of urgency to avoid further community confusion. Real increases in electricity prices have occurred since 2007 and there is widespread agreement among analysts that the key reasons for these changes are regulations holding down retail electricity prices below competitive market rates and the unchecked growth in peak demand for electricity.


27 Aug 2012

Inquiry into potential reforms of National Security Legislation

Engineers Australia's submission to the inquiry is intended to broadly inform discussions and expose issues relevant to the engineering workforce currently employed within Australia’s national security agencies and processes. 


5 Apr 2012

Defence Industry Workforce Strategy - Comments on Skills Australia Discussion Paper

Engineers Australia believes that a workforce skills strategy for defence industries should be developed on a sound statistical base that takes into account the reliance of individual industries on engineers and the engineering labour force in the economy generally.


1 Mar 2012

Inquiry into the Shortage of Engineering and Related Employment Skills

Engineers Australia believes that the ongoing engineering skills shortage is a long-term issue requiring strategic forward planning. Implementing an Australia-wide infrastructure planning pipeline to better direct the flow of projects, the beginnings of which can be seen with the National Infrastructure Construction Schedule, as well as providing more encouragement for secondary and tertiary study of engineering enabling subjects, are the core of our recommendations.


16 Dec 2011

Allocation & Funding of Commonwealth Supported Postgraduate Places (Dec 2011)

Engineers Australia favours the third option put forward in the DEEWR consultation paper, that in future, universities should negotiate their allocation of postgraduate places within an overarching funding envelope for the university.


9 Dec 2011

Skilled Occupation List 2012 Update (Dec 2011)

Engineers Australia believes that the pro-forma approach used by Skills Australia for the 2012 update to the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) takes an unduly narrow approach to engineering and engineering occupations that does not adequately recognize the characteristics of engineering and the progression of engineers through different occupations in typical career paths.


11 Nov 2011

Effective Decision Making for Significant Infrastructure Projects (Nov 2011)

Engineers Australia believes that the quantum of infrastructure investment in Victoria needs to be increased so that genuine progress can be achieved. However, improved infrastructure strategies and project choices can lead to greater value for money from existing infrastructure assets and from new investment in infrastructure.


Sep 2011

Review of the Bureau of Meteorology's Capacity (Sep 2011)

Engineers Australia believes that engineering applications that depend on BOM data are sufficiently important to warrant significantly improved communications between the BOM and the engineering profession.


12 Aug 2011

Inquiry Into Defence Procurement (Aug 2011)

Engineers Australia believes that it is insufficient to rely on the significant contract management expertise that has been developed in defence procurement. These skills are vital, but are not a substitute for technical engineering expertise. Retention of technical knowledge in higher-level positions is recommended, as well as a national registration system for engineers as an indispensable component of a strategy to upgrade assessment of the engineering and technical aspects of defence procurement.


27 May 2011

Water, Policy, Management and Dams (May 2011)

Water policy and management has improved significantly in Australia over the past 15 years but progress has been patchy and much slower than agreed by COAG. Engineers Australia supports the principles, scientific foundations and objectives embodied in inter-governmental agreements such as the National Water Initiative (NWI) agreed in 2004. Despite uneven progress achieving the objectives of the NWI, it remains the most appropriate basis for a national water policy in Australia.


10 May 2011

Proposed Carbon Price Mechanism (May 2011)

Engineers Australia supports the architecture and implementation arrangements for a carbon price mechanism as proposed by the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee (MPCCC) as an important step towards a comprehensive climate change mitigation policy. Overseas experience has demonstrated that economic institutions take time to adapt to the structural implications of placing a cost on carbon emissions and a fixed carbon price for three to five years will assist adaptation to the more commercial context of carbon trading.


31 March 2011

The Higher Education Base Funding Review (Mar 2011)

Engineers Australia supports the continued application of the three identified principles underpinning Government investment in higher education. In respect of engineering, government subsidy should be at such a level to ensure Australian universities are in a position to deliver world-class engineering education and prospective students are provided with the maximum opportunity to undertake engineering study.


1 March 2011

A Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia (Mar 2011)

Engineers Australia believes that important aspects of Australia’s economy and settlement pattern are not yet consistent with sustainable development principles and practices and these issues need to be addressed before there is significant enlargement of Australia’s population.


18 February 2011

National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 (Feb 2011)

Engineers Australia acknowledges the success of the National Road Strategy to 2010 and supports the safe system basis for Australia’s national road safety strategy to 2020. There are, however, a number of issues that need to be addressed in the new strategy, including variations on outcomes in  different jurisdictions and the high economic costs of road trauma.


15 December 2010

Inquiry into the Ecological Carrying Capacity of the ACT and Region (Dec 2010)

Engineers Australia believes there is significant discordance between the different infrastructure and environmental plans issued by ACT Government agencies and it is far from clear that status quo policies will achieve the sustainability objectives articulated by the ACT in its 2009 sustainability policy.


15 December 2010

Spectrum Reallocation in the 700MHz Digital Dividend Band (Dec 2010)

Engineers Australia believes that the public interest should be carefully balanced in terms of the economic as well as social impacts of the various ways in which the digital dividend spectrum is allocated. Radio frequency spectrum is a scarce resource and its efficient use must be enabled through appropriate management and policy initiatives. We believe that the mechanism of spectrum auction is an appropriate tool, used with others, for that purpose.


16 November 2010

National Water Initiative 2011 Biennial Asssessment (Nov 2010)

For many years new investment in water and waste water infrastructure was insufficient to keep pace with population growth. Investment accelerated substantially from about the time the NWI was agreed, but was driven by chronic drought and large scale expenditure on water desalination.


27 October 2010

Australia's Urban Water Sector (Oct 2010)

This submission is made in response to a Productivity Commission inquiry. The submission makes the point that urban water prices should be set in line with commercial principles and that this has not been generally achieved.


5 August 2010

Australian Qualifications Framework (Aug 2010)

This submission provides comments on the Consultation paper "Strengthening the AQF: A Framework for Australia's Qualifications. it discusses the importance of differentiating between three and four engineering degrees, associate degrees and advanced diplomas, and graduate certificates and diplomas.


30 June 2010

National Maths and Science Curriculum K - 10 (June 2010)

The submission provides comments on the maths and science components of the proposed national school curriculum for K - 10.


31 May 2010

Draft National Ports Strategy (May 2010)

The submission provides comments on elements of the National Ports Strategy as proposed by Infrastructure Australia.


3 May 2010

National Building Energy Standard - Setting Assessment and Rating Framework (May 2010)

The submission provides comments in response to a discussion paper on energy efficiency standards and a rating framework. The view is put that energy efficiency is an indispensable part of energy policy, and that all buildings should be covered y a single measure. The energy efficiency of fixed appliances and equipment should be integrated into that measure. Engineers Australia supports the adoption of an energy efficient target.


3 May 2010

Prime Minister's Task Group on Energy Efficiency (May 2010)

Australia has a poor record in energy efficiency compared to most developed economies and this is the result of narrow application of economics principles to the exclusion of social and environmental principles. Energy use in Australia is not sustainable and Engineers Australia believes that more energy is consumed in Australia than is necessary. The submission puts the view that a step change needs to occur.


30 April 2010

Trade Practicies Amendment (Australian Consumer Law) Bill (No. 2) 2010 (Apr 2010)

This submission opposes the removal of the exemption for engineers from the fitness for purposes warranty provision in the Trade Practices Act.


28 April 2010

Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Fibre Deployment) BIll 2010 (Apr 2010)

Engineers Australia supports the Government in its steps to ensure that new (greenfield) developments be constructed with Fibre to the Premises connected as a requirement, subject to feasibility of connection to fibre backhaul and other reasonable commercial thresholds, and that other developments, subject to thresholds, be constructed as fibre ready.


14 April 2010

Enhancing the Renewable Energy Target (Apr 2010)

The submission provides comments on the discussion paper. The submission supports increasing the amount of renewable energy used in Australia, and provides comments on elements of the RET scheme.


12 April 2010

Resourcing the Future (Apr 2010)

This is a submission to the national Resources Sector Employment Taskforce. The submission discusses engineering skills shortages and the impact of this on major resource projects, amongst other matters.


1 April 2010

Impact of Higher Fuel and Energy Prices (Apr 2010)

The submission is to the Senate Select Committee on Fuel and Energy, and discusses energy prices and energy markets, infrastructure, international issues, emissions trading and energy efficiency.


31 March 2010

Specialised Engineering Occupations (March 2010)

This submission to Skills Australia discusses the engineering skills shortage in Australia and the continuing need for skilled migrant engineers.


22 March 2010

Review of the General Skilled Migration Points Tests (March 2010)

The submission discusses skills shortages and the contribution of migrants to the Australian economy. The submission discusses the importance of English language skills and the relevance of engineering experience as opposed to age as a criteria for general migration.


18 March 2010

Submission in response to the National Mathematics and Science Curriculum Framing Papers (Feb 2009)

Engineers are a key skills input for the success of the Australian economy and society, making one of the most pressing issues the need for the Australian education system to produce more engineers. Without them, Australia will be unable to meet the challenges of the future. There is currently a significant shortage of engineering skills in Australia.


5 March 2010

Draft ACT Sustainable Energy Policy 2010-2020 (March 2010)

This submission supports the establishment of an ACT sustainable energy policy based on the framework established in the Federal Energy White Paper. It also recommends that the ACT greenhouse emissions reduction targets should be in line with national targets.


28 February 2010

Western Australia Energy 2030 Strategy (Feb 2010)

The submission provides comment on WA's Strategic Energy Initiative 2030 Discussion Paper.


15 February 2010

2010-2011 migration program (Feb 2010)

This submission provides comments on the 2010-2011 migration program.


15 February 2010

Revised South East Queensland Water Strategy (Feb 2010)

The submission provides comments on the South East Queensland Water Strategy, providing broad support, with some reservations.


31 January 2010

Renewable Energy Target Paper 5 (Jan 2010)

The submission discusses the treatment of solar credits renewable energy certificates under the RET.


25 January 2010

Renewable Energy Target Paper 4 (Jan 2010)

The submission relates to the treatment of new waste coal mine gas power generation in the Renewable Energy Target


14 December 2009

Trade in Engineering Services Australia and the European Union (Dec 2009)

This submission outlines survey work undertaken by Engineers Australia to profile engineering exporters. It also outlines Engineers Australia existing linkages with European engineering organisations and information on market access issues and the operation of the engineering services sector within the European Union.


14 September 2009

Regulation of Engineering Practitioners (WA) (Sep 2009)

The submission puts forward Engineers Australia's position on a proposed Engineers Act for WA.


16 August 2009

Review of Migration Occupations in Demand List (Aug 09)

The submission states that Engineers Australia agrees that a distinction needs to be drawn between nation building objectives which require a step-wise increase in the number of new engineers and cyclical factors which result in temporary variations in the demand for engineers. The submission also puts the view that the proposed model will meet these objectives but also comments significant difficulties that need to be resolved.


7 July 2009

SA Parliamentary Select Committee Inquiry into Private Certifiers (July 2009)

The submission addresses the issues around loose controls on who certifies structural engineering design and construction.

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