Australian Society for Defence Engineering

The Australian Society for Defence Engineering (ASDE) is a learned technical society of Engineers Australia, providing continued professional development in the field of Defense engineering. ASDE enables its members to network, expand and share knowledge with like-minded professionals.

The Australian Society for Defence Engineering (ASDE) was originally established on 01 May 1991 under the name Society of Military Engineers and changed to its present name on 21 May 2002.

ASDE’s core objectives are to:

Provide a forum for the intellectual and fraternal exchange of information;

Be the pre-eminent learned society for Defence engineering by embracing all aspects of engineering theory, practice, heritage, training, and development relevant to the Armed Forces and the Defence of Australia; and

Inform members on developments in Defence material and major engineering works with the Australian Defence Force and other armed forces.

ASDE currently has Chapters in five states/territories, and together members from these Chapters form the National Committee.  The National Committee generally meets four times a year, three meetings via teleconference/videoconference and one face-to-face meeting in a major city in Australia.

Membership of the ASDE provides a forum to engage with various engineering fields, contributes to the practice of Defence Engineering and an opportunity to further your own professional development.  By becoming a member of the ASDE, you will have access to a range of technical information and special offers to assist you with your professional and personal needs, including:

  • Conferences and technical presentations;
  • Site visits
  • Network opportunities
  • Eminent speakers program (FOCUS); and
  • Specific interest technical information and publications

Individual membership shall be open to serving and retired members of the Australian Defence Force and allied services with an interest in Defence Engineering and interested people from government, industry, commerce and academic institutions.  Society members need not necessarily be members of Engineers Australia.

With membership, access to the above is generally free of charge or at a minimal cost to cover administration and catering fees, and discounted rates are offered to events such as conferences.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the ASDE, please follow the link below.

 Individual Membership (Financial Year)

  • EA Member $50.00 ex GST
  • Non-EA Member $60 ex GST

Denton Bocking           President

Doug Roser                 Immediate Past President:                 

Jennifer Murray            ACT Chair  

Brendan Sowry            QLD Chair

Thomas Fink                NSW Chair

Mirela Derrin                VIC Chair

The Australian Society for Defence Engineering (ASDE) currently operates Chapters in the following states/territories:

  • ACT
  • NSW
  • QLD                        
  • VIC
  • WA

Each chapter aims to hold at least four <events> throughout the year.  This ensures members are kept up-to-date on developments within the Defence Engineering field and allows for the mutual exchange of ideas between industry representatives and ASDE members.

If you are interested in being part of a Chapter's committee, please contact us at [email protected]


  • Opportunity to ‘give back’ to the Defence Engineering profession through the development of other engineers and technology professionals, sharing knowledge, etc.  
  • Opportunity to grow personal and company networks within Defence and Defence industry;
  • Develop soft skills such as communication, professionalism, leadership, logistics, work ethic, etc. by working with other ASDE members, members of the Australian Defence Organisation, Defence industry, tertiary institutions, and other organisations;
  • Increase personal profile by being involved at a senior level with senior representatives of Defence, Defence industry, academia, etc.;
  • Acquire CPD hours by providing service to the Defence engineering community; and
  • Identify opportunities for further career development.



As a Technical Society of Engineers Australia, ASDE is administered through the National Office of Engineers Australia. Your correspondence will be passed on to the relevant National or State/Territory ASDE member for action and response.


Email:    [email protected]


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To contact Member Services please call 1300 653 113