Engineers Australia plays an important role in promoting engineering excellence and the contribution engineering makes to the community. Our award programs seek to identify, recognise and reward outstanding achievement, eminence in the practice of engineering, and conspicuous service to the profession

The Electrical College Board conducts an Annual Awards Dinner each year, at a capital city location decided by the Board. The M A Sargent Medal, the National Professional Engineer of the Year award, The Graduate Electrical Power Engineer of the Year and other prizes such as the student thesis prizes awarded by the national committees are usually presented at this Dinner, at which all members of the College are welcome (details available from the Committee Administrator for the Board).

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Annual Electrical Awards Dinner

The 2014 Electrical College Awards Dinner was held at Cargo Hall on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne on Wednesday 26th November 2014.

The event was in conjunction with Convention 2014 and celebrated the achivements of the recipients of the Electrical College’s prestigious awards. Awards presented on the evening were:

SBSE Certificates of Recognition – Mr Alan Obrart, Mr Ian Small, Adjunct Professor David Hood

Caption: Mr Alan Obrart, Mr Terry Spiro, Professor Alex Baitch, Mr David Robinson (on behalf of Ian Small) and Adjunct Professor David Hood AM

2014 NCSpE Student Thesis Prize – Mr Lawrence Trevor

Caption: Mr Lawrence Trevor and Professor Alex Baitch, National President Engineers Australia

2014 GEPEoY – Mr Peter Burnell

Caption: Mr Peter Burnell and Mr Mark Thomas, NHP

2013 John Madsen Medal - Professor Vic Gosbell, Dr Robert Barr

Caption: Dr Robert Barr, Professor Alex Baitch and Professor Vic Gosbell

2014 NPEEoY– Mr Daniel Norton

Caption: Mr Alan Coote, Chair, Electrical College Board, Mr Daniel Norton and Professor Alex Baitch

2014 MA Sargent Medal – Dr Don Sinnott

Caption: Professor Alex Baitch and Dr Donald Sinnott


Find out more about the Annual Electrical Awards Dinner

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M A Sargent Medal

Nominations for the 2015 M A Sargent Medal are now closed.

About this Award

The M A Sargent Medal is a long established and prestigious award made by the Colleges of Electrical Engineering and Information, Telecommunications and Electronic Engineering.

It is named in honour of Dr Michael Anthony (Mike) Sargent, an outstanding Australian electrical engineer and President of the Institution of Engineers, Australia in 1990.

The M A Sargent Medal consists of a bronze medal and certificate.

View the list of Winners of the M A Sargent Medal

Eligibility Criteria

  1. a highly significant contribution, through technical innovation, to the science or practice of electrical engineering; or
  2. longstanding eminence in science or the practice of electrical engineering; or
  3. exceptional and sustained management or leadership relating to electrical engineering; or
  4. a notable combination of the foregoing qualities.


  1. Nominations for this award are sought annually by the Board of the Electrical College, on behalf of both Colleges, although an award is not necessarily made every year.
  2. If a nomination is not successful initially, it is considered again during each of the following two years.
  3. To be eligible, the nominee must be a current Member of Engineers Australia as a professional engineer, and also must be either an Australian citizen or have permanent Australian residency status.
  4. Nominations may be uploaded via the Engineers Australia website or received in hard copy form addressed to:

    Events Coordinator
    Engineers Australia
    11 National Circuit
    Barton ACT 2600

  5. Nominations must be received by 30 September, 2014.
  6. Winners are presented with the award at the Electrical College's Annual Awards Dinner (which also includes other awards) which will be held in a selected capital city.

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National Professional Electrical Engineer of the Year

Nominations for the 2015 National Professional Electrical Engineer of the Year are now closed.

About this Award

The National Professional Electrical Engineer of the Year award is designed to promote excellence and the profession within the community at large; and encourage young people to consider electrical engineering (especially power engineering) as a career.

This award is an annual national award for an outstanding senior electrical engineer member of the College who would be expected to be at (or near) the peak of his or her career, and a good role model for younger members of the profession.

In contrast, the M A Sargent Medal is awarded only when there is a nomination of a candidate who meets the special requirements of that award, normally at the end or near the end of their career, as it is an award recognising overall career achievements.

In summary, the National Professional Electrical Engineer of the Year award is designed to:

  • promote excellence;
  • promote the profession within the community at large; and
  • encourage young people to consider electrical engineering (especially power engineering) as a career.

The recipient will be a highly respected member of the College and a role model for young members.

View the list of Winners of the National Professional Electrical Engineer of the Year

Eligibility Criteria

Nominations are now closed.

The following criteria are used to assess applicants:

  1. Substantial experience in the profession of electrical engineering (in industry, government or academia);
  2. Currently fully active in electrical engineering work, either at a senior managerial or specialist technical level, or a combination of both;
  3. A solid history of high level achievements in the work of the profession (as a technical specialist, or manager of people and/or projects), demonstrating leadership level performance;
  4. Demonstrated excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  5. Sound awareness of the role engineering and other professions play within the community;
  6. Membership of the Electrical College, Australian citizenship or permanent Australian resident, plus either Fellow or CPEng status; and
  7. Participation in the provision of CPD to the members of the profession.

The award is in the form of a certificate and a bronze medal.

The presentation of the medal is normally at the Annual Awards Dinner (at which other awards such as the M A Sargent Medal are also presented), at a capital city selected by the Board. 

Once the winner has been announced, he or she is invited to participate in promoting good professional practice and career development, especially to young engineers, and if opportunities exists, in marketing of the profession to the community and especially to young people.

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Graduate Electrical Power Engineer of the Year

Nominations for the 2015 Graduate Electrical Power Engineer of the Year Award are now closed.

About this Award

This national award recognises a professional engineer who has demonstrated significant achievements in electrical power engineering during the preceding six years. Contributions to the community are also valued.

This annual award is an example of an effective partnership between Engineers Australia and industry. NHP, the major sponsor of this award, Engineers Australia Electrical College Board and the Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA) jointly developed the initiative, to encourage young Australians to develop a career in electrical power engineering, and also to reward outstanding achievements.

The winner receives:

  1. An all-inclusive overseas trip and entry into an International trade show;
  2. A framed certificate from the Electrical College;
  3. One year's membership of Engineers Australia and the Electric Energy Society Australia (EESA); and
  4. Free registration to the annual EESA Conference of that year.

The winner also visits major international electrical product manufacturing plants.

Find out more about the Terms and Conditions

View the list of Winners of the Graduate Electrical Power Engineer of the Year

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John Madsen Medal

About the Award

The John Madsen Medal is awarded for the best paper written by a current member of Engineers Australia, and published in The Australian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

The medal perpetuates the memory of Sir John Madsen who was Foundation Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sydney from 1920 to 1949. Sir John Madsen was one of Australia's great electrical engineers and some of his outstanding community service was through his active cooperation with CSIRO. He proposed the founding of a Radio Research Board and was a leader in the development of radar in Australia. He was active in forming the Electrical Research Board and the National Standards Laboratory. He was a Councillor of the Institution from 1930 to 1933 and was awarded the Peter Nicol Russell memorial Medal in 1944.

In 1976 this medal replaced the Electrical Engineering Prize which was originally founded upon a donation made by the Electrical Association of Australia, one of the Foundation Societies of the Institution. It was first awarded in 1927 and was known as the Electrical Association Premium. The name was changed to the Electrical Engineering Prize in 1954. The award formerly consisted of a certificate and a cash premium.

The winner receives the medal and a certificate, and these are normally presented at an event of the Division to which the member belongs, during the year following that when the paper was published.


In the case where a paper has several joint authors, at least half of the authors OR the principal author must be current member(s) of Engineers Australia.

The 2014 John Madsen Medal will be awarded on papers published in 2014 and the judging process will begin in 2015.

Madsen Medal Recipients

2010 - Mr Phillip Mathers FIEAust CPEng (Ret)

The John Madsen Medal was presented to Mr Phillip Mathers FIEAust CPEng (Ret), for his outstanding examination of the history and heritage significance of the Lake Margaret Power Scheme on Tasmania's west coast, the "Lake Margaret Power Scheme: A long history and assure future".

2007 - Professor Gerard Ledwich

Professor Gerard Ledwich was the winner of the 2007 Madsen Medal for his co-authoring of the paper “A new predictive current control technique for multilevel converters” published in the AJEEE.

2006 - M Blundell

M Blundell was the winner of the 2006 Madsen Medal for his co-authoring of the paper “Experience with using cryogenic techniques for recycling arced SF6 gas for use in switchgear” published in the AJEEE.

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Other Awards

The Electrical College also has awards at local level to recognise excellence.

Mostly these are awards presented to students in their final year of electrical engineering studies at University, and the local Electrical Panels administer these prizes with the assistance of the Universities.

Find out more about the Engineers Australia National Awards

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