Vast Solar: Innovative Concentrated Solar thermal Power Technolgy improves Energy Capture and Storage

Vast Solar: Innovative Concentrated Solar thermal Power Technolgy improves Energy Capture and Storage
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Vast Solar, an Australian company, has over the last 10 years, developed a world first modular CSP technology system that uses liquid sodium as the heat transfer fluid HTF. 
Sodium HTF and advanced process control has enabled Vast Solar’s system to concentrate and capture sunlight at very high temperatures and achieve very high energy storage densities.
The stored thermal energy can be transformed to electrical energy and dispatched to the grid when consumers require it. 
Vast Solar has already built a 1.1 MWe Pilot Plant at Jemalong, New South Wales, consisting of five modules and including three hours of storage capacity.
Operational for over a year and fully commissioned in June 2018, the A$24 million pilot plant has undergone extensive testing and Vast Solar predicts major cost savings on larger projects. 
The Pilot Plant and the innovative work that has been done at it were featured on ABC news on 6th June 2019.
Speaker: Kurt Drewes
Kurt Drewes is Vast Solar’s Project Director who has led the commissioning of Vast Solar’s CSP Pilot Plant in regional New South Wales.
He now wants to take Vast Solar’s innovative modular CSP technology to the next level by building a 30MW Reference Plant.
He is a mechanical engineer who has helped develop CSP technology and to build different types of CSP plants around the world having worked in CSP for the last 11 years in Spain, Germany, South Africa, and Morocco.
Kurt will present the emerging structure and challenges of energy markets and what potential solutions exist including the technology from Vast Solar.
16 / 07 / 2019 - 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
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