21st Century Skills - How to acquire them

In this CPD event, you will hear from experienced Industry & Government leaders about the contemporary skills everyone needs this century and ways to acquire them.
21st Century Skills


Increasingly the most cited skills we need this century are higher-level skills – the ones we need in addition to our discipline-based knowledge – skills such as networking, empathy, interpersonal skills, problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration. They are not typically the skills we are taught at school or university, though they are increasingly cited by universities as the ‘attributes’ graduates should attain.

In this CPD event, you will hear from Frances Roden (IP Australia), Petr Adamek (Canberra Innovation Network) and Patty Chier (GHD) on the contemporary skills everyone needs this century and ways to acquire them. Jane MacMaster, founder of Ponder, qualified Engineer and member of the Women in Engineering committee will host the panel discussion.









Frances Roden

Frances (Fran) Roden is the Deputy Director General of the IP Rights Division at IP Australia. Her responsibilities include the statutory roles of Commissioner of Patents, Registrar of Trade Marks, Designs and Plant Breeder’s Rights.

Fran moved from academia to join the Australian Public Service as a patent examiner in 1996. She has held a number of policy and governance roles which include, three years in the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, a secondment to the Australian Public Service Commission to work on IP Australia’s Capability Review in 2013, establishing IP Australia’s new Governance Secretariat team, and Director of IP Australia’s domestic policy section. She has also spent 18 months working with a former Parliamentary Secretary as the Department’s Liaison Officer. More recently Fran was General Manager of IP Australia’s Policy and Governance Group where she was responsible for implementing legislative changes, international IP policy and trade agreements, attorney registration and economic research.

Petr Adamek

Petr Adamek is the CEO of Canberra Innovation Network. Petr has over 20 years of international experience in helping companies innovate and grow. First as a co-founder of a successful European innovation consultancy, and ex-Business Growth Manager and later CEO of a business incubator in Hamilton, New Zealand. Petr’s background is in artificial intelligence (Master of Computer Science, 1991) and business (MBA, 1998). Petr has worked with over 100 start-up companies in several leading accelerator and incubator programs in Europe, New Zealand and Australia as a mentor and business growth advisor.

Patty Chier

Patty is a chartered professional engineer (CPEng) with an honours degree in chemical engineering and a Masters’ degree in environmental engineering. She has over 15 years’ experience covering a diverse range of projects: from drinking water and recycled water management to the development of environmental management and contingency plans, to assessing human health risk and environmental risk and impacts of contaminants on river health. Patty is an accredited auditor with Exemplar Global and has performed HACCP audits of a number of water authorities in Victoria and has performed regular audits for water treatment plants. She has particular experience in applying a risk based approach, consistent with AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk management - Principles and guidelines, to evaluate impacts of activities (such as urban developments or wastewater discharges) on environmental values. Patty also has particular expertise in developing water quality risk management plans for drinking water, industrial use and water reuse.

Jane MacMaster (Panel Host)

Jane MacMaster is the founder and director of Ponder – an organisation that works with the public sector, private sector, NGOs and academia to build complex problem solving capabilities and to help design strategies to achieve outcomes for complex real-world challenges. She has worked in a range of sectors and disciplines - most recently as a senior adviser in strategic policy unit of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Prior to that she worked for a global defence company as an aerospace systems design engineer for 14 years, and as a management consultant in the financial services sector.

Jane has qualifications in engineering, international relations and training and assessment. She designed the Navigate Complexity course after recognising a growing need for skills related to complex problem solving, design and strategy development. She works on complex challenges ranging from population strategy, national security, cyber security, energy, indigenous well-being, health and education.

11 / 09 / 2019 - 06:00 pm to 07:30 pm
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11 / 09 / 2019 06:00 pm
Canberra Auditorium
Engineering House
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Frances Roden, Petr Adamek, Patty Chier, Jane MacMaster
Women in Engineering
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