Winter Lunch Series 3: Making New space History in Australia

*Webinar Available* The Australian Space Agency is now one years’ old. This presentation will outline the Agency's activities, what is has already achieved and in particular, the role of the Agency in inspiring a nation.


The Australian Space Agency is now one years’ old and has released its ten year strategy, growing strong momentum in the industry. There is most certainly excitement about the future, as the Agency has a goal of tripling the size of the economy and creating a further 20,000 new roles by 2030.  Anny's presentation will outline where the Agency will be prioritising its activities, what is has already achieved and in particular the role of the Agency in inspiring a nation. 

Roger will give a brief history and reminder of what Australia has already done in space leading to the point of the Australian Space Agencyand where we are headed in the medium term, discussing he SmartSatCRC, public Defence initiatives and the need for an inspirational flagship project.

A light lunch will be provided from 12.00pm before the presentation at 12.30pm

About the Speakers: 








 Anny Dailey is responsible for the operations of the Agency, establishing its governance arrangements and ensuring it meets government requirements. In addition to managing the parliamentary interaction, finances, human resources and event management, Anny is also responsible for all communications for the Agency. Anny has the role of a traditional Chief Operating Officer, but is also responsible for implementing the forth pillar of the Strategy – ‘inspiring a nation’.

As a chartered professional engineer, Anny graduated with honours at the University of Technology Sydney and took on a career in sustainability. Working across multiple government agencies as well as not for profits and consultancies, Anny brings more than 12 years’ experience as a senior executive to the Agency.

Roger Franzen is one of Australia’s acknowledged space experts with nearly 40 years of relevant experience. He has spent most of his career analysing, managing and implementing solutions to complex multi-discipline engineering problems in space and related fields.  After commencing his professional life in Perth, his career soon moved to the UK and Europe.  Roger contributed to the success of many early European Space Agency commercial space missions. Returning to Australia in late 1986 to work for Auspace Limited and then, in 1998, accepting the role of CEO of Auspace, Australia’s then premier space engineering company, he has contributed to and influenced Australian civilian and defence space activities, receiving the National Space Society of Australia’s Space Pioneer Award in 2002.          

Leaving Auspace in 2007, Roger began a broader role of education, facilitation and engineering consultancy across the fields of astronomy, science and Defence. A strong relationship builder and communicator, he consults, facilitates and advises research organisations, universities and the private sector on space and astronomical engineering matters and participates regularly in relevant national events.  In 2010, Roger joined the Australian National University (ANU) to lead the engineering program at Mt Stromlo. In 2015, Roger joined the CSIRO under contract to lead the largest Square Kilometre Array International Design Consortium.  Since 2017, Roger has worked with Shoal Engineering in support of DST, AFHQ with space situational awareness and broader space matters and assisted the successful SmartSatCRC.

28 / 08 / 2019 - 12:00 pm to 01:30 pm
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