Career Pathways of a Mechanical Engineer Webinar

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Webinar Panellists


David Bowly, Advanced Operational Analytics Engineer, Asset Intelligence, AGL

David received the John Monash medal in Engineering from Monash University, a Menzies scholarship for postgraduate studies at Cambridge University and is chartered with Engineers Australia.
Prior to joining AGL, David worked with ExxonMobil as a project manager and maintenance engineer, and as a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group.
David works at the intersection of data science and engineering. Every modern operation generates enormous volumes of data; his skill set helps the energy industry to make use of that data to increase efficiency and reduce wastage. David's primary focus is improving the operation of AGL's expanding wind fleet.

Viha Parekh, Structures Engineer, Boeing

Viha is a structures engineer at Boeing Aerostructures Australia in Melbourne, designing components for next-generation commercial aircraft. Passionate about developing the local aerospace industry, she is actively engaged with the broader aerospace community and STEM initiatives. Having grown up in Brisbane, Viha has a Bachelor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Queensland. During university, she studied abroad at Purdue University, interned with Northrop Grumman and volunteered with the Australian Youth Aerospace Association. She completed her honours thesis with the University of Queensland’s Centre for Hypersonics, which led to being named in Aviation Week’s 2016 “20 Twenties” list on graduation. Outside the aerospace world, Viha enjoys hiking, reading and dance. 

Tony Koutsonikolas, Intern, Maple Glass Printing

Holding a formal education in Mechanical Engineering from Monash University, Tony possesses 7 years experience in rapid prototyping, including 3D printing, CAD and automation. Tony owned a 3D printing company, Makerlab, who provide 3D printing solutions to businesses and educational institutes in Australia and provides consultation to Strucomp Pty Ltd who are designers and manufacturers of the TechnoLab(TM) series of innovative educational products for the teaching of statics, mechanics and dynamics in engineering schools. Currently completing an internship with Maple Glass Printing (MGP), Tony works as a part of a team to build a glass 3D printer which focuses on using recycled glass powder.

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