Being Human in a Smart City - Webinar

*Webinar Available* Join us on Wednesday 13th November as we discuss Being Human in a Smart City.
Being Human in a Smart City - Webinar

There is a webinar available for this session. To access the webinar you will need to register here.

Join us on Wednesday 13th November as we discuss Being Human in a Smart City.

With sensors on streets, vehicles, houses and carried by people on mobile devices, our cities are becoming one big information interface. Smart cities of the future will transform lives in urban settings by collecting and using this data to inform and improve day to day life. From transport efficiency, energy use, security monitoring, crime deterrence, infrastructure planning, to resource and waste management and recycling. 

But how we should use data to improve our urban lives remains an open question, in particular, because envisioned systems potentially require people to give up data, autonomy and even privacy for the perceived good.

Our keynote speaker Professor Margot Brereton from Queensland University of Technology will consider the future of smart cities from the dual perspectives of engineering and human interaction.
She will draw upon essential considerations around energy use as well as the social experience of cities, navigating a path towards designing with both in mind.

Key Points
•    Smart Transport/Autonomous Vehicles
•    The social experience of Smart cities
•    Environmental Design

During the evening, Professor Brereton will be joined by members of the Smart Cities Research Institute Team for a panel discussion followed by a Q&A session. 


Special information for Northern Territory event attendees:

For Northern Territory-based members, this presentation will be streamed to the auditorium in Engineers Australia Northern's office at 9 Cavenagh Street, Darwin.

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Please note this event will begin at 4.30pm (ACST), concluding at 6.00pm (ACST).


Guest Speaker

 Margot Brereton

Professor Margot Brereton
Professor of Engineering and Interaction Design | Queensland University of Technology

Margot Brereton is a Professor of Engineering and Interaction Design at Queensland University of Technology. She leads the discipline of Human-Computer Interaction. Margot designs innovative new human-computer interfaces by working with end-users and other stakeholders to marry cutting edge technologies with people’s needs in a diverse range of communities (in particular older people, indigenous communities, people with cognitive and sensory impairments, ecologists, birders, medical specialists, and their patients). She has a deep interest in artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and tangible interfaces and the practical and societal effects of their application. She is a world leader in co-design methods and a member of the Australian Research Council College of Experts.  



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13 / 11 / 2019 - 06:00 pm to 07:45 pm
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