Hydro Ecological Indicators as an Alternative to Water Level Triggers

Hydro Ecological Indicators as an Alternative to Water Level Triggers


- Discussion around difference between requirement to supplement v need to discharge
- Ecological health as indicator of impact – potential as early warning monitoring method
- Over supplementation leads to tree stress (waterlogging) and with operational and closure implications
- Discussion about the “wet decade” (actually 15 years) and impact of setting triggers during/at end of wetter than average period
- Discussion on defining “Long term average” condition is highly rainfall variable environment.
- Discussion on alternative triggers – seasonal, water levels, pools, trees
- Requirement to “cultivate” alternative triggers with regulators

About the speaker:

Duncan Storey has a successful career spanning almost 30 years as a hydrogeologist and an owner/director of a specialist consulting business. He is the founding Director and a Principal Hydrogeologist with AQ2, an independent water resources consultancy. Prior to this, Duncan was one of the founding Directors and CEO of Aquaterra Consulting Pty Ltd where, based on value-centered leadership and clear strategies focused on business growth and developing internal platforms, he helped develop high-performing technical and management teams with a great reputation among clients for delivering practical outcomes. Aquaterra grew from seven staff to over 100 internationally when Duncan was instrumental in the sale of the business to the RPS group in 2010 and he took an executive role in RPS.

Originally from the UK, Duncan has lived and worked in UK, Oman, Pakistan and Australia. His early career involved hydrogeological studies in the Middle East. Duncan has a BSc and MSc in Geosciences from the UK and an executive MBA from Australia.

24 / 02 / 2020 - 12:00 pm to 01:30 pm
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Duncan Storey - Director / Consulting Hydrogeologist at AQ2
Hydrology and Water Resources Panel & Sustainable Engineering Society (SENG)
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