Solar Power System Fundamentals April 2020

Available from 7 April. A comprehensive introduction to grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. An online training course.
Solar Power System Fundamentals April 2020

Online training course - join anytime and work through at your own pace. This means you can register before or after 7 April 2020.

This online course is delivered by Global Sustainable Energy Solutions, an Australian leader in renewable energy engineering, training and consultancy specialising in photovoltaic technology.

As technology improves, solar power is becoming a more and more viable alternative generation method to fossil fuels.

A comprehensive introduction to grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, this course comprises theory and quizzes that participants can complete at their own pace.

The resource is presented in topics, starting with how solar systems work, progressing on to the design, costs and installation of a solar system, and finally discussing post-installation safety, operation and maintenance.

Those who complete the course are eligible for 20 Clean Energy Council Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.

What you will learn?

The course is delivered online and takes approximately 20 hours to complete. After registering online, access will be provided to the online teaching material. Participants can complete the course at their own pace. Tutors are available for additional help either by phone, email or in person.

  • Understanding PV systems
    This topic will cover solar power concepts, solar resource theory, solar PV module characteristics and technology, inverter characteristics and other system components.
  • Planning and installing a grid-connected PV system
    This topic covers the planning process that a PV system installer undertakes, taking into consideration energy efficiency, economics of a PV system and choosing a solar retail company.
  • Owning and maintaining a PV system
    This topic examines the system shutdown procedure, monitoring system output, system maintenance, system troubleshooting and working safely around PV systems.
  • Grid-connected PV systems with battery storage
    Covering battery storage system concepts and planning, technology and system maintenance.

Is this course for you?

Because it assumes no previous knowledge in the field, this course will be useful to professionals as well as homeowners or business owners who have, or about to install, a solar PV system.

It will also appeal to engineers holding accreditation through the Clean Energy Council and requiring Professional Development (CPD) points.

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