YEAQ Charity Trivia Night

Join us as YEAQ host the first major event of 2020 through a game of trivia, charity and fun.
YEAQ Charity Trivia Night

What has three hours of fun, prizes to be won and a food/drinks package to top it all off?

YEAQ Trivia and Welcome Event!

The YEAQ committee are again bringing you their best on the 13th February at The Fox Hotel. A night to remember, or try to remember that song that sounds like “Ice Ice Baby” but isn’t, with questions ranging from science to social media.

We’ve decided to treat you with a substantial food and drinks package for the night, which we hope will get those trivia brains going. And what’s more is that this time we’ve partnered with TradeMutt to help make an impact on the mental health space amongst the blue-collar work force of Australia and abroad. This trivia is a little special, with the ability to “buy” answers to questions; with all of these proceeds going directly into support mental health. And of course you’ve got to have a raffle in any good trivia, so we’ve got one for you. But don’t forget to bring some cash!

Bring a friend, maybe two.. Or just yourself, there’s a seat for everyone! So start the year right with the YEAQ Trivia and Welcome Event!

Bonus question:

Who is going to be going? You ;)

13 / 02 / 2020 - 05:30 pm to 08:00 pm
Registration Closes
12 / 02 / 2020 06:00 pm
Brisbane, Queensland
The Fox (The Acadia Room)
71-73 Melbourne Street
South Brisbane
  • Member Rate: $30.00 ($27.27 excl. GST)
  • Society Member Rate: $60.01 ($54.55 excl. GST)
  • Student Member Rate: $30.00 ($27.27 excl. GST)
  • Non-Member Rate: $60.01 ($54.55 excl. GST)
Key Speaker(s)
Young Engineers Australia Queensland
Event Contact
  • Contact:
    Engineers Australia Member Services
  • Phone:
    1300 653 113
  • Email: