Using Technology to Support our Teams and People

Start time: 5:00pm AEST. Gain insight into how technology can be used as a real enabler to support teams and people in a professional setting as we address sustainable high performance, emergent innovation and increasing returns to scale.
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The core of the discussion will involve the way technology can provide a foundation for sustainable high performance, innovation, and increasing returns to scale when coupled with amazing people and a high expectation-high support culture. There are a lot of variables that come together that make a company what it is, so having a profile for what attributes your technology, people and culture should have in combination to meet your business strategy is, I believe, of fundamental importance. Considering the current climate, and the difficulties and opportunities it presents us, this is the closest thing to a “reset button” we have had, and will likely have, for some time.

The webinar will address sustainable high performance, emergent innovation and increasing returns to scale.

The factory model, division of labour, and specialisation have been critical in building the developed world through creating order of magnitude efficiencies and high employment. However, with natural resources fuelling our economy and strengthening our currency, it is difficult for Australia to sustainably compete using this model in isolation, particularly with developing nations that have significantly lower labour costs and rapidly advancing technical capability.

This case study aims to demonstrate, through theory and practice, an alternative model that trades economies of scale (volume) for economies of scope (value). Where many organisations look to leverage process and technology as a means of compensation for other aspects of a business – we have sought to understand how technology, systems and process, culture, and the quality of the people within the organisation can positively reinforce each other to provide order of magnitude value increases - both in an absolute sense and on a per employee basis.


 Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly, MIEAust | Engineering Director, HeliMods

Tim is an aeronautical engineer with a passion for growing world-class technical organisations. Through leading teams in the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, and Australia on some of the world’s largest civil and military airframe programs, Tim developed a set of philosophies that he believed to be fundamental to building high performance cultures. In the four years since moving back to Australia and joining HeliMods, much of this has borne out, with the company’s capacity and technical capability expanding to make it internationally recognised as a leader in its field. 

01 / 07 / 2020 - 05:00 pm to 06:00 pm
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