The Mobility Revolution including RTSA Awards 2020

Start time: 12:00pm AEST. This presentation will explore how transport will morph in the future and what it means for industry, where and how we work and live. The good news is that we are the generation that gets to reshape it all.
The Mobility Revolution including RTSA Awards 2020


Technology and human movement are inextricably linked. The level of our technology is dictated by the how, where and why of travel and, while it is easy to believe we are going through a digital revolution - it’s actually all about mobility. Mobility of information, data, energy, people and work.

In this presenation, keynote speaker Steve Sammartino, will break down the underlying theme and explore how transport will morph in the future and what it means for industry, where and how we work and live. The good news is that we are the generation that gets to reshape it all.

Prior to the presentation the Railway Technical Society of Australasia (RTSA) will announce the  following awards.  

  • Railway Student Thesis Award
  • Railway PhD Thesis Award
  • Railway Professional of the Year Award
  • RTSA Individual Award
  • RTSA Biennial Railway Project Award

The Awards will presented at the Conference on Railway Excellence (CORE) 2021 in Perth.

Keynote Speaker

Steve Sammartino

Steve is Australia’s leading Futurist. He’s created technology world firsts, written extensively and has a rare ability to communicate it all on stage. His high-octane keynote will change how you see the world.

Steve starting coding at age 10 and had his first startup by age 12. He has since built and sold a number of businesses. As a futurist, he’s ahead of his time. He launched one of the first Sharing Economy Startups – in 2006. Respected global business media including Forbes, Fast Company and TechCrunch credited it as the start of the sharing economy movement giving birth to Uber and Airbnb. Steve later sold it to a publicly traded company in Australia.

He is mentor for startup entrepreneurs and a technology investor. Steve's ability to see the future is ratified by this fact: His portfolio has grown more than 100x the original investment

Steve built the world’s first drivable car entirely out of Lego. It’s had more than 100 million views globally. (He had to fight off Jay Leno who was desperate to have it in his garage). He put a toy space shuttle into actual earth orbit by hacking together a rig for under $2000, and he’s on the technical advisory committee for the design of Australia’s new drone regulations. Steve is currently building the world’s most modern house – it will be 3D printed too! The subject of a new documentary film.


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15 / 07 / 2020 - 12:00 pm to 01:00 pm
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