Reliability Improvement - A Case Study from the Rail Sector

Start time: 4.30pm AEST. Hear from Frank Gabriel, Principal Consultant at Railconfidence, as he presents a case study on a reliability improvement program undertaken for a major Australian rail operator.
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Across all infrastructure sectors, asset managers face an ubiquitous challenge of working within constrained budgets to deliver services to the satisfaction of the communities and customers they serve. This challenge is pronounced in the rail sector, where a single equipment failure on the rail network can lead to cascading, widespread losses of customer connectivity and productivity.

For this event, Frank Gabriel, Principal Consultant at Railconfidence, will present a case study on a reliability improvement program undertaken for a major Australian rail operator.

Like all modern railways, this major Australian operator uses a fleet of mobile equipment to maintain their rail infrastructure. Over years, this fleet had become quite diverse with a mix of make, age and capability, and these variations made it difficult to meet production and reliability targets within the allocated budget.

An increase in the traffic task on the network and changing business environment meant that performance of the fleet became more critical. Breakdowns could lead to degraded infrastructure and leave the railway unable to meet transport contracts.

A program to renew the fleet with modern, high production equipment would take three to five years, assuming that funding could be found in a capital constrained environment. In the meantime, a reliability improvement program was undertaken to improve the performance of the existing fleet.

The approach was to identify the key drivers of reliability, and implement targeted, practical improvements to address each of these factors. This case study describes the process used, what drivers were identified and what improvement strategies were implemented.


Frank Gabriel, Principal Consultant, Railconfidence

Frank Gabriel is a Principal Consultant with Railconfidence Pty Ltd. He is a professional engineer and manager with 35 years of experience in rail infrastructure equipment and rolling stock. He has been involved with the acquisition, operation and maintenance of significant rail infrastructure plant involving:

  • Rail supply and distribution
  • Ballast cleaning
  • Grinding
  • Resurfacing
  • Construction
  • Re-sleepering.

With a special interest in maintenance management and reliability improvement initiatives, his focus is on maximising asset productivity using appropriate technology and resources.

26 / 08 / 2020 - 04:30 pm to 05:30 pm
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Frank Gabriel, Principal Consultant, Railconfidence
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