Batteries for Small Scale Solar Systems

Start time: 12:30pm AEST. Keep up-to-date with renewable energy - this webinar covers the technical fundamentals and economics of batteries for solar power systems as well as emerging applications such as Virtual Power Plants.
Batteries for Small Scale Solar Systems

An Engineering Education Australia webinar:

Residential and Commercial Applications

As solar becomes one of the most popular types of electricity generation across the globe, energy storage solutions become equally important.

Delivered by education partners, Global Sustainable Energy Solutions (GSES), this webinar covers batteries for small scale residential and commercial solar power systems focusing on the technical fundamentals, followed by the economics of battery systems – the cost vs benefit tipping point, concluding with an exploration of emerging applications.

You will learn how batteries work and how they integrate with solar power systems, the expected lifetime and performance of these systems, and future of the industry including new applications in the residential and commercial sectors such as Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Learning outcomes

  • How batteries and solar work together
  • Fundamentals of residential and commercial battery solar power systems
  • Popular battery technologies
  • Expected performance and lifetime of a battery system
  • Economical viability of battery systems
  • Virtual Power Plants and how they work with Electric Vehicles

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Is this course for you?

Ideal for electrical engineers but also for structural, mechanical, civil, computer science and environmental engineers. As an introductory level webinar, it is suitable for all career stages and job roles.

The webinar is beneficial for those interested to work within the solar PV industry directly or in a peripheral way. It is assumed that participants are technology professionals.

24 / 08 / 2020 - 12:30 pm to 01:30 pm
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24 / 08 / 2020 10:00 pm
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Webinar Only
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Alwyn Ramshaw
Engineering Education Australia
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