Your Graduates Perfectly Engineered

Start time: 12.30pm AEDT. This webinar is your opportunity to learn how EA’s graduate development offering can help you to find, develop and keep the very best engineering talent.
Your graduates, perfectly engineered.


The best engineering graduates aren't born. They're built.

Graduate engineers don’t leave university with all the workplace skills they need. But graduate employers need engineers who can quickly get to work - and it’s a tough competition to get the best talent.

The advantage? A stand-out graduate program that recognises the training needs of your graduates and supports them to succeed.


Enter Engineers Australia. We know graduates.

Engineers Australia (or EA) is the trusted voice of the engineering profession in Australia, delivering training, support and accreditation. We represent all engineering disciplines across our 100,000 members.

Our graduate development offering brings the best of EA’s engineering expertise to your graduates. With EA’s help, you can give your graduates the skills, contacts and industry-based training they need.


Responsible for engineering graduates? This webinar is for you.

Your graduate engineers are the future of your firm. But there are three hurdles you need to jump to put that future on the right path:

1. Find the best graduates.

The talent is out there, but how do you reach the best of the best? Your search needs to be targeted to where the graduates already are.


2. Develop them into outstanding engineers.

Graduates don’t always come with a well-rounded skill set, and their needs are different from the rest of your organisation. How do you get them up to speed on the soft skills they need for success.


3. Keep them engaged, learning and growing.

Once you’ve invested into your graduates, you want to see a return on that investment - so you’ll need to give them a career pathway to walk down. How do you plan all of that out without taking away focus from the rest of your job.


EA’s graduate development offering can help you tick all of those boxes, no matter what your current graduate program looks like. Engineer the future, together with EA.


26 / 11 / 2020 - 12:30 pm to 01:30 pm
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