Engineering and the Glass Cliff

Start time: 1:00pm AEDT. Join us at Engineers Australia's Brisbane Auditorium or online as our presenter shares his insights into the issues faced in all industries and allows us to see beyond the glass ceilings.
Engineering and the Glass Cliff

In the modern workplace gender equality is not just a gender issue, it is a social and business issue. It impacts upon the effectiveness of society and it impacts the effectiveness of a business.

Through the lens of social identity, we can identify the difficulties faced by women in the modern workplace.  So what is the glass cliff, and why is the glass cliff a problem? The glass cliff refers to the hurdle that women face when they do finally shatter the glass ceiling.

It's a phenomenon that occurs when companies hire women for leadership roles, but they're really only likelier than men to achieve those leadership roles because it's during a period of crisis or downturn. Of course, that's when the chance of failure is at its highest, and many others don't want to assume that leadership position because, not only does the responsibility of turning the tables fall on them, but, often, as does the blame for the mayhem in the first place.  The ‘glass cliff’ was first coined by researchers Michelle Ryan and Alex Haslam in 2005.

Join us at Engineers Australia Brisbane Auditorium or online as Alex Haslam shares his insights into the issues faced in all industries and allow us to see beyond the glass ceilings.

This webinar will:

  • Show us the way to create a shared social identity which can move us forward when we recognise that inequality is a collective experience based upon a shared social identity.
  • Translate the perceived inequality into collective action and to discover the common ground as we move through the demanding expectations and cultures of the business world.
  • Provide strategies to alleviate the inequalities that pervade the modern workplace. 


CPD hours: 1

Webinar Start time: 1.00pm AEDT | Brisbane Auditorium start time: 12.00pm AEST



Professor Alex Haslam, UQ Laureate Fellow, School of Psychology, University of Queensland

Alex Haslam is Professor of Psychology and Australian Laureate Fellow at the University of Queensland. His widely cited research focuses on the study of leadership, group, and identity processes in organizational and health contexts. Together with over 300 co-authors around the world, Alex has written and edited 15 books and published over 250 peer-reviewed articles on these topics. He is best known for work with Steve Reicher on the BBC Prison Study, and for work with Michelle Ryan which examines the "glass cliff" that is often faced by female leaders. He is a former Chief Editor of the European Journal of Social Psychology and currently Associate Editor of The Leadership Quarterly. 


05 / 02 / 2021 - 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm
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