How to manage the juggle

5.00pm — 6.30pm AEST, 31 May 2023
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We all want to feel in control and content with our work and family life, but we often feel like there isn’t enough time or we may feel overwhelmed and anxious about all the things to do. In this presentation, you will hear how Jo and Lucy, have distilled the keys to managing the juggle between a career, home life and family. Their acronym JUGGLE sets out the six essential ingredients to unlock your potential and enhance a fulfilling career and maintain relationships. Lucy and Jo will help you to consciously take the time to work out what’s important for you, and how you can design your life to manage your juggle in the most satisfactory way. 

In this presentation you will learn:

  • the six critical components to help you manage your career and family juggle
  • how to gather support within your contacts
  • how to manage expectations and establish back-up plans
  • insights to time management tips.

Jo and Lucy will be staying online after the 90-minute presentation until 7.00pm for an informal ‘Meet the Speaker’ session, an opportunity for attendees to ask questions directly to the speaker on a first-come, first-served basis.

About the presenters 

Lucy Dickens
Director/ Podcast Host
Birman & Ride Lawyers/ The Juggle

Lucy is a mum of three, author, podcast host and director of Perth-based law firm Birman & Ride. Lucy believes that having children shouldn't mean an end to a woman's career. She has taken all three of her babies to work with her in her role as a lawyer and is passionate about helping working mothers take charge of and manage their career and personal life in a way that lets them live life according to their priorities, not someone else’s.  Lucy is a Wills and estate planning lawyer and enjoys helping families to create a secure future for their children through proper estate planning.

Jo Alilovic
Director/ Podcast Host
3D HR Legal/ The Juggle

Jo Alilovic is an employment lawyer, business owner, author and podcaster.
She is a true believer in flexible work – being an early adopter of the remote first model when she started her law firm in 2016. Jo has created a flexible work environment that truly allows team members to be both a present parent and an aspiring professional. Last year Jo published her book, Homeforce – sharing how to create engaged and connected home-based teams. Jo speaks publicly and consults privately with various professional organisations helping them apply the 6 step REMOTE framework to help businesses successfully embed a hybrid or remote workforce model.

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