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The National Events Team for Engineers Australia works in consultation with College Boards, National Committees, National Panels, Technical Societies and Special Interest Groups as well as with internal stakeholders to deliver over 50-60 international and national conferences, more than 50 award programs including 5 gala awards, the national eminent speaker series', seminars and SIG events.

The conference program averages 20 conferences a year, ranging from annual conferences of 60-750 managed in-house through to major international congresses of more than a 1000 delegates. It works in partnership with other kindred bodies and seeks to further the engineering profession by delivering high level CPD to its members and associates through exceptional meeting management. Events are managed by the highly experienced National Events Team internally as well as with professional conference organisers.


Asia Pacific International Symposium International on Aerospace Engineering (APISAT 2015)

We are pleased to announce the 7th Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Aerospace Technology (APISAT) which will be held in Cairns, Australia, on 25 – 27 November 2015. Since the inception of APISAT in 2008 by the national aerospace societies of Korea (KSASS), China (CSAA), Japan (JSASS) and Australia (RAeS Australian Division), APISAT has become the prime forum for aerospace research and development in the Asia-Pacific region. Northern Queensland boasts many sites of natural splendour, such as the tropical rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, and it will be an excellent backdrop for the conference. The organisation is a joint effort by the RAeS Australian Division and Engineers Australia.

When: 25-27 November 2015
Where:  Cairns, QLD

Australian and New Zealand Conference on Optics and Photonics (ANZCOP 2015)

The Australian and New Zealand Conference on Optics and Photonics (ANZCOP) conference series integrates the Australian Conference on Optics, Lasers and Spectroscopy (ACOLS) and the Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology (ACOFT). ANZCOP 2015 is the second such conference, and is run under the auspices of the Australian Optical Society and Engineers Australia.  
Optics and photonics research continues to be a dynamic and exciting field or research internationally and within Australia. It can be used to ask and answer fundamental questions about quantum mechanics and atomic physics and to probe chemical reactions, to make new types of chemical and environmental sensors, new biological sensors and medical diagnostics and devices, better computers and communications systems, better fundamental standards and metrology, and even to measure elusive ripples in the curvature of space-time.  
We warmly invite you to attend ANZCOP 2015 at the University of Adelaide from Monday 30 November to Thursday 3 December. In addition to being the International Year of Light, 2015 is the centenary of Einstein’s publication of the field equations for General Relativity and is the year in which the ultra-sensitive Advanced LIGO laser interferometric detectors will re-start the search for gravitational waves. ANZCOP 2015 will include a wide variety of plenary talks, including the Advanced LIGO project and the latest developments in bio-photonics, and a plenary by the 2015 Frew Fellow: Professor Ursula Keller of ETH Zurich.  
Come to ANZCOP in 2015. Help us celebrate the IYL and enjoy the exciting science and technology.
When: 30 November - 3 December, 2015
Where:  Adelaide, SA

Australian Defence Engineering Conference 2015

The Conference theme is: ‘Defence Engineering: An Evolving Landscape’

The Conference is a joint undertaking by Defence, Engineers Australia and ASDE. Department of Defence The Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) is part of the Department of Defence and exists to meet the Australian Defence Force's (ADFs) military equipment and supply requirements as identified by Defence and approved by Government. It aims to be the premier program management, logistics, procurement and engineering services organisations in Australia, and a global leader in defence materiel solutions. CASG is responsible for managing many of the largest and most demanding projects in Australia, providing equipment on time, on budget and to the required levels of quality and safety. The ADFs operational success depends on CASG. Engineers Australia Engineers Australia is the national forum for the advancement of engineering and the professional development of its members. The organisation has over 95,000 members across all engineering disciplines. EA’s role includes Continuing Professional Development activities that cultivate lifelong learning by members. EA promotes professional and ethical conduct, celebrates excellence in engineering outcomes, and takes the lead in advocacy for the profession.

Australian Society for Defence Engineering The Australian Society for Defence Engineering (ASDE) has three aims:

  • To provide a forum for the intellectual and fraternal exchange of information;
  • To be the pre-eminent learned society by embracing all aspects of engineering theory, practice, heritage, training and development relevant to the Armed Forces and the defence of Australia; and
  • To inform members on developments in defence material and major engineering works within ADF and other armed forces. Membership is open to serving and retired members of the Australian Defence Force and allied services, as well as those with an interest from government, industry, commerce and academic institutions. Society members do not have to be members of Engineers Australia.
When: 1 & 2 December 2015
Where:  Canberra, ACT


36th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (HWRS 2015)

We invite you to Hobart, Tasmania for the 36th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium to be held 7-10 December 2015 at the Grand Chancellor.

This event, hosted by Engineers Australia and its National Committee on Water Engineering, is Australia’s leading symposium devoted to hydrology and water resource.

When: 7-10 December 2015
Where:  Hobart, TAS


18th Australian Engineering Heritage Conference

The 18th Australian Engineering Heritage Conference is to be held in Newcastle, NSW, hosted and organised by the Newcastle Division of Engineers Australia and Engineering Heritage Australia.

The conference is being held in Newcastle at a time of rapid change.

When: 7-9 December 2015
Where: Newcastle, NSW


12th Conference on Hydraulics in Water Engineering

On behalf of the Ecohydraulics Committee of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) and the National Committee on Water Engineering of Engineers Australia (EA), I am delighted to invite you to the 12th Conference on Hydraulics in Water Engineering on 9-11 Feb 2016, in Melbourne, Australia. This conference will be run jointly with the 11th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (ISE2016).

Under the overall theme of Hydraulics and the Environment – Working with Nature, the National Conference on Hydraulics in Water Engineering will focus on the ways in which hydraulics contributes to sustainable engineering investigations and design in the water environment.

It is my pleasure to announce that the 12th Conference on Hydraulics in Water Engineering technical program will include the following:

  • Keynote presentations, including Henderson Oration
  • Technical Sessions with oral and poster presentations on water engineering hydraulics

This conference is being jointly run with the 11th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (ISE2016), which will take place on 7-12 Feb. Delegates have the option of registering for the full ISE 2016 meeting (including registration for the three-day Hydraulics in Water Engineering conference) or register just for the three-day Hydraulics in Water Engineering conference.

Abstracts are due on the 22nd May 2015. Further details of the conference, submission of abstracts and registration are available on the conference website.

When: 9-11 Feb 2016
Where: Melbourne, Vic

RISK 2016 Conference

Following the successful RISK 2014 Conference held in Brisbane, Australia, the Executive Committee of Risk Engineering Society (RES) invites you and your colleagues to attend its RISK Engineering Conference on 18-20 May 2016 at the Swissotel Sydney, NSW, Australia.

The theme for the RISK 2016 Conference is

“Risk & Opportunity in a State of Development”

Whether you are interested in learning the latest risk management techniques, simply mastering the basics or to network with other successful practitioners in the field of risk management, the RISK 2016 Conference is a valuable opportunity to be a part of risk the engineering community.

Organised and managed by lead industry practitioners and academia, the national RISK 2016 Conference is the only conference of its kind balancing practical case studies, comprehensive options, future educational topics as well as high level strategic risk management applications and implementation.

Australia as a nation is undergoing serious changes and challenges in many areas – such as geopolitical, infrastructure extension and renewal along with climate change ramifications – with issues such as adaptation and resilience becoming common catch-cries. Sydney is currently seeing many large infrastructure developments such as Sydney Metro, Sydney Light Rail, North Connex, WestConnex, and Badgerys Creek Airport. The ‘development’ in the theme is intended to cover any or all of the issues alluded to above, with the understanding and management of risk being an essential element of any such development.

Chartered Professional Engineers are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with at least 10% of their CPD credits being risk-related. Participation in this conference will count towards this requirement and it may also count towards CPD for many other professionals.

I look forward to welcome you at the RISK 2016 Conference as an active member of the risk engineering community.

Ian Ackland FIEAust CPEng
Chair of the Organising Committee,
Risk Engineering Society, Sydney Division

When: 18-20 May 2016
Where: Sydney, NSW


SETE 2016 

The need to manage complexity is now commonplace in almost all fields of undertaking. Both government and industry need to address the development and sustainment of complex systems for aerospace, defence, energy, infrastructure, telecommunications, and transport.
Consequently, a systems approach is required for the conception and implementation of effective and efficient system solutions. Systems engineering provides the essential framework, methods and tools required to solve complex problems and to develop and sustain complex systems.
Come to SETE 2016 to share, to learn and to be inspired.
Call for Submissions Now Open 
When: 18-20 May 2016
Where: Melbourne, NVIC

ASEC 2016 – Australasian Structural Engineering Conference – The Roles of Structural Engineers

The Australasian Structural Engineers Conference (ASEC) is an initiative of Engineers Australia Structural College.  It aims to promote Structural Engineering and exchange ideas for advancing the profession among practising structural engineers, students, academia and industry.  ASEC’s heritage dates back to 1983, growing a reputation for its practical and research coverage of all things in structural engineering.  The conference has been held in various cities in Australia and New Zealand with different themes, attracting up to 500 participants to each conference.  Conferences held since 2000 are:

Year Theme City
2001 Bridges to the Future Gold Coast
2005 Preserving and Building into the future Newcastle
2008 Engaging with Structural Engineering Melbourne
2010 Innovative Community Building Sydney
2012 The Past, Present and Future of Structural Engineering Perth
2014 Structural Engineering in Australasia – World Standard Auckland, NZ
2016 The Roles of Structural Engineers Brisbane


ASEC2016 will be held in Brisbane, at the world-class Brisbane Exhibition & Convention Centre (venue for the 2014 G20 World Leaders Summit) from 23 to 25 November 2016

When: 23-25 November 2016
Where: Brisbane, Qld
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