Welcome to the Illawarra / Sutherland Regional Group

Welcome to the Illawarra- Sutherland Regional Group , Engineers Australia.

I am privileged to be your chairperson and working with you throughout 2014.

The ISRG is part of Sydney Division and covers an area extending from Sutherland in the south of Sydney (George’s River is the border) to the south in Kiama and the Illawarra escarpment to the west. This region has approximately 2000 members.

The ISRG provides 10 technical meetings throughout the year from March to November for professional development for its members and meeting CPD requirements. Technical meetings range from Site Visits, Technical Seminars, Engineering Week activities and the occasional Eminent Speaker. The topics vary from regional, national and international content and the program covers all the main disciplines of engineering.

Technical meetings also provide a good opportunity to meet and network with other members and guests .Technical meetings are normally held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the University of Wollongong. Please keep in touch with this website for changes, updates and confirmation of events.

The ISRG is also involved in raising community awareness and promoting the engineering profession through various initiatives: Year 10 Student Outstanding Achievement Award to 37 High Schools in the region; award sponsorship for outstanding academic achievement to engineering graduates at UOW and TAFE Illawarra; engaging and improving relationships with local academic institutions, local government institutions and private organisations ; Discover Engineering Day, etc.

The region has a very active Young Engineers and Women in Engineering committee running their own program and events throughout the year. Members and guests of ISRG are welcome to support and attend any of YEA-I and WIE-I activities (you don’t need to meet the age or gender criteria to attend !). The same applies to all our young and female engineers, you are most welcome to attend ISRG activities.

The ISRG committee meets on a monthly basis ( 3rd Thursday of month) at the University of Wollongong. The committee is represented by members from different engineering background and years of experience and expertise. If you have any suggestions for site visits, technical meetings, guest speakers, etc please contact either the Chairperson , Regional coordinator or any committee member. We are always looking for new members to join and serve on the committee. If you require further information or interested please contact the chairperson or regional coordinator .

Looking forward to meeting you throughout the year.

Thank you

Nick Di Bono
ISRG Chairperson 2015

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