2020 DIRECTINVEST provides Engineers Australia members with access to tools and information that will help you become better investors.

2020 believes that whether you are a DIY investor or you have a financial adviser, you should be able to separate financial advice from product sales by paying a flat fee for advice. Central to this belief is to provide you with access to the same products, tools and insights traditionally offered by financial advisers but at a fraction of the price of a full financial plan.

Below are some of our highlighted offers:

Protected growth strategies

Protected equity investments can provide investors with up to 100% gearing to access a variety of investment markets and instruments. The inbuilt loan component allows investors to potentially bring forward tax deductions as some of the cost of borrowing is subsidised by the deductibility of interest. These strategies also include capital protection so investors can gain leveraged exposure whilst protecting their downside.


Bring forward your tax deduction

Fixing and prepaying the interest on a margin loan before June 30 allows investors to potentially claim next year's interest costs as a tax deduction in this financial year. In addition, by locking in your interest rate for the following year you can generally take advantage of very competitive interest rates.

Engineers Australia BlueChip Series

Owning direct shares has never been easier with a separately managed account. Own a diversified portfolio of blue chip stocks at half the cost of a managed fund and only 0.05% brokerage.

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Personal Choice eWRAP

All the benefits of a wrap account is now available without entry fees, exit fees or ongoing adviser service fees. A Personal Choice eWRAP account allows you to wrap all of your investments into the one simple account whilst giving you access to over 300 wholesale and boutique managed funds as well as ASX listed shares. 

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Managed Funds & Superannuation

We rebate 100% of entry fees on virtually any managed funds , superannuation or pension funds within Australia.

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Other Services

For more information on 2020's full range of products and services please visit our website: www.2020directinvest.com.au

About 2020

2020 DIRECTINVEST is a financial services provider that empowers DIY investors with the tools and information to assist them in achieving their investment aims. 2020 DIRECTINVEST is a division of 2020 Funds Management Limited , a boutique funds management business owned and operated by several formers senior executives of Australia's largest financial institutions. 

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