| 26 October 2021

Engineers Australia backs net zero commitment, calls for bold near-term action to match

Engineers Australia CEO Dr Bronwyn Evans said climate change demands ambitious commitments and rapid action from governments.

“Engineers Australia welcomes today’s announcement and is committed to helping to lead the way to a sustainable, net zero future,” said Dr Evans.

“Engineers will play a vital role in the journey to net zero emissions.

“Our profession will be at the forefront of the technological advancement required to develop solutions such as clean hydrogen, green steel, energy storage, and carbon capture utilisation and storage.”

Dr Evans called on Australia to declare an ambitious 2030 emissions reduction target to support its net zero ambition.

“Facing up to a challenge is the Australian way. That means embracing leadership and scaling up effective engineering solutions today,” she said.

“An ambitious 2030 target is vital to a rapid, cost-effective transition to net zero. Today’s announcement should be an impetus for large-scale action now and into the coming decades.

Dr Evans said the Australian Government must develop a comprehensive emissions reduction strategy to support its net zero commitment.

“Climate change requires an ambitious national strategy for emissions reduction and the development of clean industries - and today’s announcement should pave the way for this to happen,” she said.

“A bold national strategy will ensure that governments, industry and the community can work together to meet the challenges and realise the opportunities of net zero.”

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