| 25 July 2022

Exciting new campaign to raise the profile of engineering

Engineers Australia is proud to present our biggest and boldest campaign which showcases the pivotal role of engineering to society and the profound effects it has on our lives.

The campaign will raise the profile of our profession, the life changing work engineers carry out across all facets of society and inspire the next generation of our engineering change makers.

Launched on Sunday – it illustrates how engineering makes life happen. Innovative engineering stories and changemakers will feature on billboards, prime-time television, and stream on demand.

The campaign theme is “Engineering. Making Life Happen.”

Its purpose is to illustrate that engineers deserve greater recognition for their critical role in innovation and the evolution of technology to advance society through great engineering. By amplifying the voice of the profession, Engineers Australia seeks to give engineers more say in government and corporate decision-making.

Our members told us they wanted to see a greater understanding of the work of engineers among the wider community. This first phase of the campaign helps people understand that engineering is a diverse field made up of people from all walks of life.

Become part of the campaign by taking the #IAmAnEngineer challenge on social media and raise the visibility of engineers. To participate, simply post a photo or a short story about yourself (your day at work, why you got into engineering, your future goals) and use the hashtag #IAmAnEngineer. Our create magazine will feature the best posts using the hashtag.

You can also support the campaign by sharing our “Engineering. Making Life Happen.” video on LinkedIn. 

Here’s that link to our website page again, featuring all our wonderful campaign engineering stories and how you can become involved across social media.