| 13 December 2021

New book to detail Newcastle's engineering history

Subtitled 'How Engineering Innovation Reinvented A Region' the book examines engineering’s pivotal role in responding to significant economic and environmental challenges, including the Newcastle earthquake in 1989 and closure of the BHP Steelworks in 1999. Featuring interviews with leading engineers and CEOs, what emerges is a community of professionals that is remarkably resilient, agile and determined when it comes to solving the seemingly unsolvable. 

Starting with indigenous engineering, the development of Port of Newcastle and the legacy of BHP, it explores how extensive local networks have underpinned the foundations of the region’s prosperity post-BHP. It looks at the range of globally competitive companies that have emerged or endured despite a period of almost constant change. Finally, it explores the possibilities for a region with a proven record of adaptability as it faces the next great challenge: Australia’s energy transition. 

Written by award-winning author Evan McHugh, with a format similar to EA’s Wonders Never Cease and Anything Is Possible, the book aims to highlight a wide range of engineering achievements and hopes to inspire the next generation to consider the possibilities of a career in engineering. 

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