| 18 June 2014

NSW rail and road investment applauded by engineering peak body

Engineers Australia supports the New South Wales Coalition Government’s strong investment in infrastructure as detailed in the state’s Budget handed down yesterday.

“Yesterday, Treasurer Andrew Constance announced his government’s plans to fund the largest rail and road projects in the nation’s history,” said Ms Alexandra Meldrum, President of Engineers Australia’s Sydney Division.

“The state plans to spend a total of $61.5 billion on state infrastructure over four years, which includes $398 million for the WestConnex and $208.5 million for Western Sydney Roads to ease the congestion the Treasurer says is choking the city. The Budget also sees $265 million for the CBD South East Light Rail network and $103 million to finalise the South West Rail Link.

“Engineers Australia welcomes this investment in infrastructure, however we do implore the government to be transparent in their planning and delivery of these major projects, to ensure the demand for engineers is spread both geographically and temporally across the state and the country.

“A lack of coordination in planning these projects could result in cost blowouts and delivery delays due to difficulties in securing qualified engineers.

“This significant infrastructure spend is great news for the engineering profession, and for the state. Engineers Australia applauds the government’s decision to make infrastructure investment a priority in this Budget,” said Ms Meldrum.