| 10 November 2022

Finalists announced for Graduate Hackathon

The Engineers Australia Graduate Hackathon saw teams of two to five engineering graduates come together for the GradHack challenge weekend 21–23 October.    

The hackathon was designed to encourage student and graduate engineers to put their skills to the test to solve real engineering problems and showcase their skills to the wider profession. 

After an extensive review process by the judges, which were made up of engineering professionals from around the country, the submissions received were narrowed down to the top five (in no particular order):   

  • Arupians and Friends: Arup 
  • Green Stars: SAGE Automation and Bickford's Group
  • Kellog brown root cereal: KBR 
  • Pollution Solution: Santos 
  • WaSuP: WSP 

The teams were asked to challenge their theoretical and technical skills to ‘hack’ one of three engineering problems in just 48-hours.   

Three problems were released to participating teams on Friday 21 October. Then the teams had the weekend to produce and submit a video submission of their engineered solutions for judging. 

The finalists will be celebrated and the winners announced at live networking events held around Australia on Thursday 17 November.    

The winning team will be awarded with a $5000 cash voucher split between team members, and the runners up will be awarded with a $2000 cash voucher split between team members.  

Attend a Gradhack finals event in your area.