| 30 January 2023

Continuing to advocate for young engineers

Co-Chair of the YEA National Committee Nicole Brown gives us an insight into the committees' activities over the next 12 months. 

What inspired you to join the committee?  

Being a part of Young Engineers Australia, expands your network and increases your understanding of the broad nature of engineering and the opportunities that are available. I am also passionate about connecting young engineers with people and opportunities and supporting the development of others.  

What can young engineers expect from the committee throughout 2023? 

In 2023, YEA is building off a solid foundation, which was established in 2022. Young engineers can expect to see many opportunities to develop their technical skills, non-technical skills and connect with fellow young engineers. The committee itself will be focused on establishing clear communications between the national committee, the branch committees and the wider members. 

We will be looking at supporting pathways to chartership, mentoring, young engineers in climate action and providing more opportunities for young engineers to have their voices heard on a national scale. 

Why is it important for young Engineers Australia members to engage in YEA training and events? 

Training and events provided by YEA, expand your understanding of our industry and introduce you to experiences and lessons that you may not learn in your university course or in your workplace. Young members will also be able to connect with their peers, share their challenges and their successes. We encourage you all to get involved. 

How can young member get involved, or in touch, with the committee? 

Connect with your local branches through social media - Facebook or LinkedIn. Keep an eye out on the website for upcoming events and follow our national page on LinkedIn: Young Engineers Australia. 

And if you have any queries, please message us through LinkedIn or via the email: [email protected]