| 01 January 2023

Meet your Tasmania Committee for 2023

Engineers Australia would like to welcome John Anderson, Damian Leonard, Ashley Dyson as well as re-elected members Tanya Denison, Ali Tolooiyan and Max Moller to the Tasmania Committee for 2023.

These elected committee members, headed by 2023 President Justin O’Connor and Deputy David Ewers, will work together across the year volunteering their expertise and time to provide leadership in key areas including the overall governance and strategic direction of Engineers Australia Tasmania.

The new Tasmania Committee is looking forward to building on the great work of 2022. This year will see a major uplift in the number and scale of engineering projects being executed in Tasmania.  

Our particular focus will be rolling out a strong calendar of quality events to engage our members. The committee will also look to provide strong public voice on behalf of the engineering community in Tasmania through 2023.

Each new member will serve on the Tasmania Committee for two years. You can find out more about each of the committee members below.

Ashley Dyson profile wearing a navy blue jumper
Dr Ashley Dyson GradIEAust
Committee member

Dr Ashley Dyson is a geotechnical engineer in the University of Tasmania’s School of Engineering. His expertise focuses on computational geotechnics particularly in the fields of slope stability, landslides and offshore engineering. As part of the Tasmanian Committee of Engineers Australia, Ashley aims to further strengthen relationships and engagement with local industry, government and the community.  

Profile of Damian Leonard wearing a blue check shirt
Damian Leonard MIEAust CPEng NER
Committee member

Damian is an Electrical Engineer in the power Industry. His background is asset management and design of transmission and distribution infrastructure. He is keen to serve our 1700+ members in Tassie by organising high quality events.

Profile of John Anderson in a black suit with a white shirt
John Anderson FIEAust CPEng EngExec NER
Committee member

John is a values-based civil engineer with more than 25 years national and international experience leading teams on complex infrastructure projects throughout Asia, China, Africa, and Australia. Having recently moved to Tasmania John has taken on the role as the Chief Operating Officer for the Hazell Bros Group. John is key advocate for social responsibility and diversity in the construction industry and his focus is to continue to mentor and develop the next generation of engineers. 

Members returning to the Tasmania Committee include;

Profile of Justin O'Connor in a grey suit with a white shirt and yellow tie
Justin O’Connor FIEAust CPEng EngExec NER

Since becoming a professional engineer in 1990 Justin has worked in many different fields including industrial, municipal, aquacultural and resource engineering. He’s always had a goal to deliver engineered outcomes that support continued economic and community growth. Justin’s focus in the coming year is to help Engineers Australia and Tasmanian engineers to have a strong voice and play a key role in shaping Tasmania’s future during a period of high infrastructure investment. 

David Ewers close up profile image
David Ewers MIEAust
Deputy President

David has more than a decade’s experience working on important urban and regional infrastructure projects in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania, including end-to-end project management. David’s roles have included design management, senior project engineer or project manager and superintendent’s representative or supervisor. David was Tasmania’s Young Engineer of the Year in 2021 and has served on the Tasmania Committee for the last year. He is a passionate advocate for sustainable development, giving back to the community and inspiring the next generation of engineers in Tasmania. 

Close up profile of Max Moller
Max Moller FIEAust CPEng EngExec NER
National Congress Representative

Max Moller is the 2023 Tasmania Congress Representative. He is Managing Director and Principal Hydraulic Engineer at Flüssig Engineers. With more than 20 years’ experience as a hydraulic, civil and site engineer across a range of projects in Australia and overseas, Max has developed a varied and extensive career. Max has undertaken large catchment studies for flood control and stormwater management planning for both development approval and construction sites. As part of the committee, he is looking to follow his two main goals to mentor young engineers and develop sustainable solutions to flood inundation challenges.

Profile of Jacki Arends wearing a bright yellow jumper
Jacki Arends GradIEAust
Committee member

Jackie has a mechanical engineering background and is passionate about renewable energy. She relocated to Tasmania from Adelaide in early 2021 to begin her career as a graduate engineer with Hydro Tasmania.  

Profile of Ali Tolooiyan wearing a brown blazer and blue shirt
Ali Tolooiyan FIEAust CPEng NER
Committee member

Dr Ali Tolooiyan is a senior lecturer in civil engineering at the University of Tasmania. He completed his PhD in geotechnical engineering at the National University of Ireland, University College Dublin (UCD) in 2010 and has worked as a full-time academic since. Ali has worked in close collaboration with the Victorian and Tasmanian governments and several consulting companies and contractors in Australia and overseas. 

Close up profile of Tanya Denison in a black suit and white shirt
Tanya Denison FIEAust CPEng EngExec NER
Committee member

Tanya’s background is in planning and management roles in mining and civil construction. More recently she has worked in leadership roles for organisations and local government. Tanya holds a Bachelor of Mining Engineering with Honours, a Master in Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development, and holds the credential of EngExec. Tanya hopes to contribute towards raising the profile and the status of the engineering profession.

We would like to thank the committee members whose terms ended in 2022 for their exceptional work. This year we are saying goodbye to a combined total of 35 years of service and would like to thank; Kate McIntosh, David Finnigan, Phil Gee, Fiona Ling, Andrew Chan, Andrew Goldsworthy and Alex Taoum.

The 2023 committee welcomes members ideas on how to best serve the profession in the Tasmanian community. Please contact them at [email protected] with suggestions or discussion points.