| 02 February 2023

Australian Institute of Energy and Engineers Australia present a hydrogen technical series in Melbourne

Engineers Australia is partnering with the Australian Institute of Energy to run a hydrogen technical series to raise technical awareness and understanding of hydrogen technologies and projects. It will focus on real world engineering education and practical learning.

The series will run from 15 February to 19 April including ten weekly technical sessions (each of a three-hour duration) and three hydrogen industry site visits in Melbourne. It is aimed at the upskilling of hydrogen engineers and other hydrogen professionals that will play a pivotal role in the building of a hydrogen industry for Australia.

Each session will be led by hydrogen specialists and subject matter experts with significant practical knowledge and experience in the application of a specific hydrogen technology.

Technical content will include:

  • Hydrogen production
  • Storage
  • Handling
  • Transport
  • Dispensation
  • Measurement and detection
  • Vehicle and product design (with reference to hydrogen safety)
  • Plant operation and maintenance
  • Equipment manufacture and testing

Participants will have the opportunity to interact and network with session presenters, subject matter experts and other hydrogen industry stakeholders in a live setting to maximise learning outcomes.

Attendees can attend individual sessions and site visits but are encouraged to register for the entire 10-week series.

The series will provide vital hydrogen industry information in support of the proposed Engineers Australia’s Area of Practice (AoP) – Hydrogen Engineering. The AoP is aimed at the synthesis and delivery of accredited hydrogen training courses and the establishment of a hydrogen technical competency and CPD framework.

Engineers Australia General Manager Alesha Printz says this series is an exciting opportunity for Victorian engineers to learn more about this future focused technology.

“Victoria has set out its Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Plan and engineers will be key to many of its objectives.”

“This series will set engineers up with the foundational knowledge needed to understand how to grow the hydrogen industry and innovate with new technology,” Printz says.

Any enquiries should be directed to [email protected]