| 10 March 2023

Meet Akshat Sharma, graduate member and Deputy Chair of Young Engineers Australia WA

Akshat speaks about his role in artificial intelligence and robotics, his passion for volunteering and playing a part in creating safe and sustainable communities. 

What interested you about computer systems engineering?   

Computer systems engineering encompasses both hardware and software design, and it has allowed me to create innovative solutions that integrate both aspects seamlessly. It also offers a wide range of career opportunities, from designing computer systems for businesses to creating new gaming technology or working on cutting-edge artificial intelligence and robotics projects. This diversity of options challenges your thinking capabilities, which I find really exciting.   

What have been some of your career highlights to-date?   

As a recent graduate, every day is a highlight for me as I am learning and developing new skills. However, one of the highlights from university was when I started the Engineers Australia Student Society. The process of turning my idea into a reality was a great accomplishment for me.  

I work at an artificial intelligence-based navigation and robotics company called Advanced Navigation. 

The experience has been largely fulfilling. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to nationally and internationally supporting product demonstrations of our underwater autonomous robot, Hydrus. It’s been great to experience field work so closely after graduating.  

You have been an avid volunteer with Engineers Australia. What inspired you to do so and what have you got out of it?   

As an international student, I quickly learned the importance of presenting oneself professionally and confidently. To improve my communication skills, I decided to participate in several volunteering opportunities. Of all my experiences, volunteering for Engineers Australia has been the most rewarding. It allowed me to build new relationships, gain experience, boost my self-esteem, and collaborate with engineering professionals from various fields, resulting in valuable connections.  

What advice would you give other young engineers who may be in a similar position to yourself?   

Start building your skills early and look for opportunities to work on projects and take on internships to gain valuable experience. Also, finding an experienced mentor can provide guidance as you navigate your career. Try not to miss opportunities to attend industry events, join professional organisations or societies because networking is the key component of your career success.  

Finally, don't be afraid to take on new challenges that push you out of your comfort zone. Pursue work that aligns with your values and that you are passionate about. By embracing new challenges and pursuing your passions, you can achieve greater success and fulfilment in your engineering career.