| 10 March 2023

WA government seeking industry feedback on workforce needs

Have your say and help improve workforce data across all sectors to identify the current and future demands of Western Australia's workforce needs now and into the future. 

Finding a solution to the engineering skills supply and demand challenge facing Australia requires collaboration between all levels of government, industry, and the tertiary sector. Engineers Australia’s Strengthening the engineering workforce in Australia report identified five categories of factors that influence the engineering workforce. One of these factors is demand forecasting. As a country we need to improve workforce data across all sectors to identify current and future demand and find solutions. as well as enable initiatives to aid efforts to meet the demand. 

Engineers Australia has been engaging with several Federal and State level organisations to explore ways data can be better captured and utilised. This includes how the data can feed back to planning migration, funding of education and training programs.  

The WA Department of Training and Workforce Development needs industry feedback to inform  Western Australia's workforce needs now and into the future.  

Engineers Australia invites members of the engineering profession to participate in the Western Australian jobs, education and training (WAJET) industry and regional stakeholder survey 2023.  

Your feedback will assist the Department to gain a better understanding of your workforce and skills needs, and will also be used to help shape:  

• prioritisation of training (through the State Priority Occupation List) 

• local/regional training delivery 

• migration pathways 

• training infrastructure planning, and 

• other training and workforce initiatives and priorities to meet industry needs. 

Have your say in the WAJET industry and regional stakeholder survey 2023. 

The survey should take between five and 10 minutes to complete and is confidential. It will remain open until 31 March 2023. 

For any queries in relation to the survey or if you would like to provide any additional information, email the industry and regional workforce planning team at [email protected]