| 17 May 2023

Anniversary of the Construction Engineering Area of Practice, get involved in its progression

In May 2022 Engineers Australia introduced the Construction Engineering Area of Practice (AoP) following a productive partnership with the Australian Constructors Association (ACA).

In celebrating its anniversary, we are inviting interested engineering professionals to get involved in progressing it further. This could involve aiding with events or liaising with academia, regulators and industry depending on suitability.

Why is it important?

Construction engineering – the administration and execution of construction projects – is of importance nationally and globally because it is the creation of our built environment. It facilitates the completion of construction projects by the set date and to targeted costs, in accordance with the relevant standards, codes and practices and specific project requirements.

The construction industry drives the Australian economy, employing more than a million Australians and contributing 7.3 percent to the industry share of output key sectors.

From the mobilisation of the construction site to handing over the built asset, construction engineers oversee the day-to-day construction process and help to ensure that the project is built in accordance with all design requirements and meets project objectives.

It is critical engineers working on construction projects are suitably qualified and credentialled. Being a Chartered Engineer in construction engineering recognises an engineer as having the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies, based on international benchmarks, to practice independently in construction engineering.

Who can get the AoP?

The Construction Engineering AoP is available to those who want to become Chartered and is open to all occupational categories. It is also suitable for those already Chartered and working in the construction industry who would like to expand their credentials to include construction engineering.

If you want to add construction engineering as an additional area of practice email us to find out how, or for more information on how you can be involved in progressing the AoP, contact our Construction AoP team.


Interested in finding out more about construction engineering? View our Construction engineer learning and development guide produced in collaboration with the ACA.