| 25 May 2023

New virtual work experience courses released

Exclusive for Engineers Australia student members, five new work experience online programs put young engineers in real world scenarios designed to test and develop professional skills. 

These short courses cover 13 different engineering disciplines, from aerospace to software. Each course gives students the opportunity to learn first hand the practical aspects of various engineering roles and how they can apply theoretical learning in the workplace.  

Each virtual work experience is targeted at the university level, delivered 100 per cent online and takes between two to five hours to complete.    

Students can get experience to enhance their resumes and find out what it is like to practice as an engineer. They will also gain an understanding of the practical application of their studies with workplace scenarios designed to test and develop a student’s professional skills, bridging the gap between university theory and working practice.  

The courses cover the following engineering disciplines:  

  • Aerospace engineering - new  
  • Biomedical engineering   
  • Chemical engineering   
  • Civil engineering   
  • Construction engineering  
  • Electrical engineering   
  • Environmental engineering   
  • Mechanical engineering   
  • Mechatronics engineering - new  
  • Mining engineering - new  
  • Software engineering - new  
  • Systems engineering - new  
  • Telecommunications engineering  

Engineers Australia student members with a valid Engineers Australia ID can access these courses at any time. Click here to find out more.