| 05 June 2023

Meet Yuki Rhee, graduate member and chemical engineer

Yuki chats to us about what inspired him to undertake PhD study and his mission to create a more sustainable society for future generations. 

What inspired you to study chemical engineering?  

I was captivated by the diverse fields of study, such as fluid mechanics, reactions engineering, thermodynamics and mass transfer processes. The prospect of applying these various scientific concepts to tackle complex problems was truly fascinating. The study also provides a versatile foundation in engineering knowledge, paving the way for diverse career opportunities in sectors including pharmaceuticals, energy, food, minerals and environmental sustainability. 

You are currently undertaking a PhD. Can you tell us more about what led you to postgraduate study?  

My natural curiosity, desire to make a positive impact and interest in tackling challenging questions during society's sustainable transition drove me to pursue a PhD. Additionally, the skills developed throughout the program are transferable to various careers I may pursue in the future, including the ability to work independently with little supervision, analysing information critically, managing projects and communicating effectively through writing and presentations. The supportive academic staff in my research group and positive work culture have further motivated me to pursue postgraduate studies. 

Can you tell us more about your volunteering experience? 

I was inspired by the powerful synergy created from volunteering, where personal growth combines with making a positive impact on society. I acquired valuable skills through my involvement in diverse volunteer roles including tutoring children in rural schools, mentoring university students, improving interpersonal skills through committee participation, gaining management experience as a treasurer and refining my ability to present as a volunteer consultant. While entering the workplace as an intern, I discovered how the skills developed through volunteering were being effectively used. 

What do you hope to contribute to the profession in the future, more specifically, chemical engineering? 

My objective is to contribute to the green energy sector by delivering innovative thinking, implementing renewable processes and driving technical development to transition away from fossil fuels. By addressing the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, I aim to make a positive and lasting impact on the profession, while actively working towards creating a more sustainable society for future generations.