| 05 February 2024

Meet Sangeetha Kamath, student member and YEA committee member

Sangeetha is a new Young Engineers Australia committee member and answers a few of our questions about her hopes for the group in 2024.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I am a final year civil engineering student at the University of Sydney, working as a building cadet at Construction Control. Additionally, I work as a casual academic and engineering faculty communicator, actively involved in outreach, student life and industry engagement projects.  

My journey into engineering started with an interest in mathematics and science coupled with a desire to make a positive impact. As I progressed through my studies, I found a passion for construction and recognised the importance for sustainable design. The 2019 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction found that almost 40 per cent of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions are from the built environment. So, looking ahead my goal is to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future by integrating eco-friendly materials and technologies into construction projects. 

What inspired you to join the committee? And why is it important for you to be involved with Engineers Australia?  

I joined the committee to extend my impact beyond university. The opportunity to connect with new individuals, expand my network and actively participate in organising events with a collaborative team is exciting. I've already had the pleasure of meeting the talented and diverse individuals within the team and I'm eager to work alongside them. 

I value the committee's impactful work in connecting students with industry professionals, offering opportunities to enhance skills and build valuable contacts. I see the potential to make the committee’s impact in 2024 bigger and better. 

What ideas and values will you bring to the committee in 2024?    

I hope to facilitate meaningful connections between young and senior engineers. As a student, I hope to bring that unique perspective into events and create initiatives that resonate with our shared issues. A goal of mine is to help students with the transition from university to graduation through Engineers Australia events. I also want to provide opportunities for young engineers to acquire the relevant skills to apply sustainable practices within the field of engineering. 

Any advice for young engineers in a similar stage in their careers?  

Dig deep and find your dream career. Seek opportunities, believe in yourself and trust the process. Once I started looking, I realised the plethora of opportunities available that align actions to my goals so why not go for it? I sought out opportunities through mentoring programs, Engineers Australia societies, university societies, networking events, hackathons, site visits, self-learning courses and volunteering. I gained many valuable experiences, which allowed me to achieve beyond what I thought was possible.