| 06 May 2024

Have your say on the proposed updated National Construction Code

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is updating the National Construction Code (NCC). 

The NCC is updated every three years and has now been released for public consultation before being finalised.  

The update of the NCC will ensure the minimum standard for the safety, health, amenity, accessibility and sustainability of certain buildings 

How can I contribute? 

Engineers Australia is putting together a consultation for the ABCB and invites you to contribute to our feedback. Feedback will help to inform the final version of the next edition of the NCC for 2025. 

If you have any thoughts about the proposed amendments, please include your comments in our discussion thread on EAXchange by COB 21 June. 

Engineers Australia’s submission will focus on fire safety, energy efficiency, condensation, waterproofing, structural and electrification. 

There are significant proposed amendments in the areas of: 

  • Commercial building energy efficiency 
  • Carpark fire safety improvements 
  • Condensation mitigation 
  • Improving waterproofing and water shedding provisions 
  • Improving structural Performance Solutions 
  • Improving fire safety Performance Solutions 
  • Adequate toilets for women 
  • Improvements to plumbing provisions 
  • Apartment energy efficiency – centralised heated water systems 
  • Housing energy efficiency – thermal breaks 
  • Assisting future electrification and EV charging in homes 
  • Re-entry from fire-isolated exits 
  • Hybrid photoluminescent exit signs 
  • NCC referenced documents 
  • Fire hazard properties 
  • Use of an Accredited Testing Laboratory 
  • Alternative referenced documents 

Further details on the proposed changes for the areas above are available on the ABCB website