Driving Diversity scholarships awarded in Tasmania

Tasmania’s Driving Diversity scholarships offer some of the brightest aspiring female engineers $5000 to support their university studies. The program is now in its fourth year and the recipients of the awards have been announced.
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Three of Tasmania’s brightest young student engineers have been presented with the Engineers Australia’s driving diversity for women in engineering scholarships.  

With support from partners, Hydro Tasmania and Caterpillar, these three five-thousand-dollar scholarships help to reduce the financial pressure of doing university studies. By removing some of these pressures we aim to increase retention rates in undergraduate engineering studies. 

Along with the financial benefits scholarship recipients receive, the scholarship can be added to their resume when the time comes to look for employment in the engineering profession.  

Engineers Australia General Manager Darren Beattie said Engineers Australia is focused on providing opportunities for young women to enter the profession.  

"International research clearly shows that greater diversity in the workforce leads to better outcomes, and with currently only 13 per cent of the engineering workforce being female, we need to work hard to change that," Beattie said. 

"Once again, Hydro Tasmania has sponsored two scholarships and Caterpillar the third, to support young women entering their first year of an engineering qualification." 

The diversity scholarship winners are: 

  • Madeleine Lane (Hydro Tasmania) 
  • Sarah Latham (Hydro Tasmania) 
  • Lucy Eade (Caterpillar)                         

Hydro Tasmania CEO Evangelista Albertini said there are endless opportunities for women to make valuable contributions to the engineering profession. 

"There is work for engineers almost everywhere in the world," Albertini said. 

"Engineers solve problems and deliver outcomes that build a better world, so it makes sense to have a diverse workforce with all of the different perspectives that entails to identify the best solutions. This is why Hydro Tasmania is proud to support Engineers Australia's Diversity Scholarships." 

Caterpillar Manager of Engineering Don Emmerton said it acknowledges the fast-paced nature of changing engineering technology. 

"Our success depends on ensuring we have highly talented, unique and diverse teams," Emmerton said. 

"Gender diversity is an important aspect of helping ensure we build the best team. Having diversity of thought drives creative and innovative solutions, while delivering superior results that positively impact the people and communities where we live and work.” 

"It’s through diverse thinking, ideas, experiences and the decision making of our people that strengthen our team. We want to encourage females entering the engineering field to help drive those creative and innovative ideas,” he said. 

"Caterpillar is once again delighted to be involved with Engineers Australia and Hydro Tasmania in making these scholarships available to assist women pursuing a career in engineering." 

Image from left: Kerrilyn Cope – Caterpillar, Don Emmerton – Caterpillar, The Hon Jane Howlett MP – Minister for Women, Madeleine Lane – UTAS, Lucy Eade – UTAS, Sarah Latham – UTAS, Daren Beattie EA GM Tas, Tammy Chu – Entura (representing Hydro Tasmania).