2021 Climate Change Position Statement released ahead of CSE

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Engineers Australia has released its 2021 Climate Change Position Statement ahead of our inaugural CSE conference and COP26. This replaces the 2014 Climate Change Policy as our overarching position on this critical issue. It enjoys strong support from Engineers Australia’s Member leadership and is signed by all College Chairs, as well as Technical Society representatives and Young Engineers Australia.

The statement calls on governments, investors, the private sector and the wider community to work with the engineering profession to accelerate engineering innovation for a swift transition to a sustainable economy on a number of practical initiatives. This includes improved education and training to members, the engineering team, and community on climate change, resilience, and sustainability.

These initiatives will support engineers in their ethical responsibility to tackle climate change, and to proudly deliver the trusted products, assets and services that are the foundation for our future well-being.

This statement reflects the consistent feedback we received that Engineers Australia should support action at pace and scale on climate change and be accessible and no more complex than necessary.

As the profession’s peak body, this statement is strongly focused on the importance of engineers to ensuring an effective and efficient response to climate change. It is intended to encourage and facilitate increased engagement among engineers on the transition to a net zero emissions society.

Read the statement (PDF)