Engineers Australia partners with government to build Tasmania’s future

Engineers Australia Tasmania has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Tasmanian Government and other industry bodies to work collaboratively to deliver a sustainable infrastructure pipeline.
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The Tasmanian Government estimates value of planned infrastructure projects in the state to be more than $22 billion over the next decade and believes it will need 6,500 more skilled workers across the building and construction disciplines by 2025.

To prepare for this pipeline the government created a roundtable of industry stakeholders, including Engineers Australia, to address common challenges and support a strong sustainable construction sector.

The roundtable worked to create a memorandum of understanding (MOU), which outlines seven key focus areas for the industry and government to work together on.

Engineers Australia signed the MOU on Monday 30 May 2022, along with the Australian Institute of Architects, Civil Contractors Federation, Consult Australia, Housing Industry Association, Keystone, Master Builders Association, Property Council and the Tasmanian Government.

Engineers Australia Tasmania General Manager Darren Beattie says with engineering and other design professionals being key enablers in the front end of projects, effective planning will be paramount.

“Having a transparent and reliable project pipeline as well as improved procurement practices will be vital to its success in maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks,” he says.

“We would like to thank the Tasmanian Government, and other industry bodies for coming together for a whole of industry approach in developing the state through its significant investment in infrastructure to benefit all Tasmanians.”

Under this MOU the parties will work together to:

  • continue to build and maintain a viable Tasmanian construction industry across all sectors by increasing sustainability, resilience, quality, productivity, and efficiency
  • raise capacity, capability and career opportunities across both the industry and government sector through increased skills development and supporting diversity
  • support Tasmania’s reputation, brand, cultural values, natural and cultural environment, and a strong economy through increased business confidence, employment and inward investment
  • deliver infrastructure to support the economy and create liveable communities

Mr. Beattie says Tasmania, like the rest of Australia, is experiencing a skills supply challenge with increased effect on the civil and structural sectors.

“The long-term solution involves investment in young people and schools, industry-led development of early career graduates, and community-wide understanding of the value of migrants.”

Engineers Australia looks forward to working with all parties through this partnership as to build a better Tasmania.