29 July 13

Curtin joins global engineering education initiative

Curtin University is set to adopt the Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate (CDIO) engineering education framework, a community-oriented program designed to develop student engineers’ professional and interpersonal skills.

CDIO is used globally for engineering education and is based on the concept that in order to solve problems, engineering students should be able to conceive, design, implement and operate engineering systems in a team-based environment.

According to Associate Professor Nicoleta Maynard, Curtin’s director of engineering education development, the CDIO initiative promotes the use of active and independent learning approaches in the engineering curriculum to ensure students become industry-ready graduates.

Maynard said: “Curtin’s tradition as a hands-on engineering university along with our development of up-to-date curricula made seeking admission into the CDIO community a natural step.

“As a result, all Curtin engineering schools can now contribute and access teaching resources from the CDIO community, including international universities such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).”

CDIO is currently used in three Australian institutions: the Chisholm Institute’s Centre for Integrated Engineering & Science, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Sydney.

More information from Curtin University here, and CDIO here.

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