11 July 13

Engineers Australia government submission to scrap the cap on work education expenses

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The Commonwealth expects to save $514.3 million over the next four years by capping annual tax deductions for self-education expenses at $2000. Engineers Australia believes this will have a devastating impact on professional development and training for all Australians.

There is unity among Australia’s professional and business groups that the cap is bad policy and should be opposed outright.

The policy is considered short-sighted, imposing a tax on learning, innovation, aspiration, and continuing professional development. The policy fails to take account of the long-term national economic and productivity consequences.

Those in Regional Australia will be particularly disadvantaged due to the higher costs of accessing study options for professional development. The policy is incompatible with achieving a smarter Australia built on a knowledge economy and undermines the nation’s key advantages in terms of the safety and quality of services that it provides.

Engineers Australia has joined forces with key stakeholders to be part of the #ScrapTheCap Alliance. This is a collaborative initiative that brings together groups to create a movement for change and to encourage the Federal Government to urgently reverse the introduction of the $2000 cap on self-education.

The #ScrapTheCap Alliance is made up of 51 associations and peak bodies and collectively represents over 1.6 million professionals.

Engineers Australia has made a submission to The Treasury which strongly opposes the government’s proposal to cap tax deductions on work-related expenses. Please click here to access submission.

A webpage has been set up on the #ScrapTheCap website to aid others to help support this national movement.

How  can I help?

Sign the Petition which will be sent to the leaders of the Federal Government and Opposition.

Tell your story- It is important that the Australian community understand the implications of the $2000 cap on self-education costs. Share your story via the #ScrapTheCap website so the public can understand the impact this will have on you, your practice and the community.

Visit your local Federal MP – Visit, email, or send a letter to your local Federal MP to communicate with members of parliament the impact of this policy. The Australian Medical Association have launched a siteto help you raise the issue with your local member.

Make noise– Make as much noise as possible using the #ScrapTheCap hash tag for social media sharing.

Enquiries:  policy@engineersaustralia.org.au

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