Mechanical College Western Australia

The Western Australia branch of the Mechanical College.

About the Mechanical College in Western Australia

The WA Mechanical Branch is the regional entity of the College of Mechanical Engineers. The College of Mechanical Engineers is responsible for the learned society functions within Engineers Australia relating to the mechanical engineering discipline.

The WA Branch promotes the special interests of the mechanical engineering community of Western Australia within the guidelines and Code of Ethics of Engineers Australia. The Branch also works in collaboration with similar learned societies to reach a larger audience of the mechanical engineering profession in a cost effective way.

The activities of the Branch are managed by an elected voluntary Committee that encompasses Engineers and Undergraduates from the practice of mechanical engineering.

Mission statement

The mission statement of the WA Mechanical Branch is to promote the technical breadth in, and the effectiveness of, the professional practice of Mechanical Engineering in the State of Western Australia.


  • Identify the WA Branch of Mechanical College constituency and their interests and professional needs.
  • Develop and organise technical programs for professional interactions among the Mechanical College constituency.
  • Facilitate a forum for professional networking and promote participation in all Institution activities.
  • Actively promote the profession of Mechanical Engineering to the Western Australian communities and industries within the auspices of the National College of Mechanical Engineers and Engineers Australia.
  • Encourage people working in the field of mechanical engineering to become active participants in the WA Mechanical Branch.

Mechanical College Western Australia Committee

Chair Nicole Briggs
Secretary Wayne Tan
Vice Chair Thomas Luke
Members Eric Lau
  Michael King
  George Tetlow
  Jeff Bremer
  Peter Kyselica
  Saghi Azoulay
  Paula West
  Barun Dutta
  John Hill
  Mohammad Dehghan
  Roshun Paurobally
  Tilak Chandratilleke
  Diego Leiva
  Amir Sultanrana
  Glenn Woods
  Tao He
  Chirag Patel
  Aaron Fields


The WA Branch normally meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at Engineers Australia WA Division offices, located at 712 Murray Street, West Perth.

Committee meetings commence at 5:00pm and include a technical session at 5:30pm with light refreshments, and a one hour presentation at 6:00pm.

Details of technical sessions, dates, times and venues are listed online in the Events (Technical Sessions) section and through the Engineering WA Weekly Event Alert.

Members of Engineers Australia and other kindred organisations interested in mechanical engineering issues are encouraged to support the WA Mechanical Branch activities.

Contact us

Ms Nicole Briggs


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