Newcastle EngMentor

What is the purpose of the EngMentor Scheme?

The EngMentor scheme is intended to give Engineering students an idea of what the actual Engineering workplace scene is like and provide students with a contact in industry who is a practising graduate Engineer and willing to assist them.

Which students may participate? How will they join the Scheme and what is expected of them?

The scheme is for engineering students at tertiary education institutions located in the Newcastle Division, and is principally centered on Newcastle University. To assist in compatible student/mentor match-ups, students are required to indicate their areas of interest during sign up. Later they will be invited to the ‘Meet Your Mentor’ evening where they will hear more about how the scheme operates and meet their assigned mentor.

The mentor is assigned for one year, but established relationships may continue on for many years. Students may sign up in more than one year. Students from all years are welcome to register with students in 3rd & 4th year likely to gain most benefit.

Who will the Mentors be? What is expected of them?

All engineers are invited to be mentors. Experienced professional engineers are preferred but all volunteers will be considered. The role of the Mentor is to provide personal experience and insights which students may not otherwise gain. This is becoming more important now as most students are enrolled ‘full time’ with many having a hard time gaining real practical experience during their studies.

Mentors are not expected to provide assistance with assignments and other course work.

It is not a requirement for Mentors to provide the Student with vacation employment, but they may be able to guide them to areas that may be applicable to their specific interest. However, if the Mentor is able to find, or even provide, vacation experience then this is a bonus.

Interested in joining the EngMentor Scheme?

You are invited to complete a Student Registration Form and forward it to Jane Dennis at Engineers Australia Newcastle.

Interested in becoming a volunteer Mentor?

You are invited to complete a Mentor Registration Form and forward it to Jane Dennis at Engineers Australia Newcastle.

Experience in the Mentor Scheme has shown that much of the activity occurs during the university year. Mentors may be assigned more than one student and actual amount of time spent in contact with each student may vary.

Please note that this scheme is conducted on an annual cycle with a publicity campaign followed by a “Meet your Mentor” evening in approximately April each year. Registrations received outside this period will be held over until the following next annual cycle.

For more Information please contact Engineers Australia Newcastle on (02) 4911 7310