Membership July 2021 Promotion

Terms and Conditions


  1. Engineers Australia is conducting a membership promotion during the period 1 July 2021 to 31 July 2021 inclusive (Promotion Period).
  2. The promotional offer will apply to all new or readmitting membership applications other than for the grade of graduate membership where no administration fee is required, providing that the applicant meets all membership criteria. The promotional offer is not available to existing members renewing their membership. 
  3. The promotional offer is a waiver of the membership administration fee of $90.20 (if applicable) on these terms and conditions. All other fees and charges relating to new and readmitting membership applications remain the same. 
  4. To qualify for the promotional offer the applicant must submit their completed membership application during the Promotion Period and, where that application has been approved, complete payment by 11:59 pm on 30 October 2021. 
  5. In some circumstances, a membership application requires the applicant to submit additional information for assessment, or undergo a Stage 1 Competency Assessment, which can result in the application not being approved before 31 October 2021.  In these circumstances, the promotion will not apply to the application and the administration fee of up to $90.20 will be payable.
  6. Applications based on Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA) are eligible for the promotional offer if the application fee has not already been waived through provision under the applicable MRA. 
  7. Where an applicant is seeking readmission to Chartered and is also seeking readmission to Engineers Australia membership, the promotional offer will apply to the membership administration fee and not the Chartered readmission fee.
  8. The Executive General Manager Membership and Growth retains a complete discretion with respect to the conduct of this promotion.
  9. All other existing membership terms and conditions continue to apply.