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Public policy & advocacy


Governments at both the State and Federal levels are important stakeholders for the engineering profession. For this reason, Engineers Australia undertakes regular engagement with key government and political contacts as well as through the provision of policy statements, Government submissions and responses to Government enquiries. Through this engagement we aim to position Engineers Australia as a trusted advisor to government on matters relevant to the engineering profession, ranging from national infrastructure policy to science and maths education in our schools. Click here to see our Advocacy work.

Some of our key successful campaigns to date have included:

-Response to the Federal Senate enquiry into the Skills Shortage

-Infrastructure Report card

-Input into the Queensland Floods enquiry



Public awareness

  The role of the engineer is not widely understood by the wider community. In addition, it is important that students are aware of the career opportunities available through engineering. By raising public awareness of our profession, as well as an improved perception generally, we're also aiming to attract intelligent school leavers or career changers to a career to in engineering.



Public awareness campaigns


Make it so

The award winning 'Make it so' campaign promotes engineering directly to the public through the website and public competitions and activities.

Australian Engineering Week

Run in August annually, Australian Engineering Week comprises both local and national activities.


The EngQuest campaign supports teachers and school students to participant in fun, education engineering activities in curricula areas of mathematics, science and technology.

Local schools programs

Local programs to promote engineering to schools students are run in the geographical Divisions of Engineers Australia. Contact your nearest Division to see what types of activities they run and how your company could become involved.