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Australian Engineering Competency Standards


Demonstration of competence

Demonstration of competence requires proof of knowledge, experience or applied thinking to a problem deemed to be an engineering problem. This requires written accounts of work involving engineering contributions.

When submitting the written account of proof of competency, examples of contributions to work that has some or all of the characteristics of either an engineering problem or engineering activity are crucial.

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What the Chartered engineer symbolises


"Engineers Australia was established by Royal Charter which enables it to confer the unique title of 'Chartered Professional Engineer'."

Becoming Chartered is a rite of passage for an engineer, signifying a consolidation of academic learning and the development of professional attitudes. This includes the ability to make decisions on engineering issues, work independently, manage risks and exercise judgement in an ethical manner.

Maintaining Chartered recognition involve life-long professional development, providing assurance to the community of ongoing competence in the engineer's area of practice. It represents a commitment of professionalism and service.

"Chartered professionals are respected for their acknowledgement and commitment to the highest standards of professionalism in engineering"

Dr. Marlene Kanga FIEAust CPEng
National President 2013


"The day I received the letter confirming my ascension to Chartered Status was a highlight of my career. It took a lot of hard work to get there and I would not have it any other way. In my opinion, it is a recognition of education, experience and ability to work and practice as a qualified engineer. I see it as a direct parallel to Chartered status for Accountants or passing the bar for lawyers."

Ben Hawley MIEAUST CPEng
National Engineering Manager
Crown Castle


"Chartered has provided me with a sense of achievement that I have reached an important milestone in my career and recognition by my peers. It has given a great deal of confidence to my organisation, management, peers and colleagues about my level of knowledge, abilities and competency both in engineering and the work I do."

Tao He MIEAust CPEng
Project Engineer Kellogg Joint Venture Gorgon

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