AGM Michell Medal

Information about the AGM Michell Medal.
Resource Date

Nominations for 2017 will open in March 2017.

About this Award

(Category A - Services to the Profession of Engineering)

The Award perpetuates the memory of Anthony George Maldon Michell (1870-1959), an outstanding Australian Mechanical Engineer. AGM Michell was a consulting engineer in the field of hydraulics and pump design and in conjunction with his investigations of lubrication at the beginning of the century he invented the tilting-pad thrust bearing, a momentous technical innovation. Other notable achievements were the invention of his viscometer, the development of hydraulic power transmissions and the design and development of a series of crankless engines. He was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1934 and was awarded the Kernot Medal in 1938 and the James Watt Medal in 1943.

The Award was first presented in 1978.

The Award is made annually by the Mechanical College Board upon the recommendation of its Executive Committee, the latter having invited Confidential Nominations accompanied by supporting documentation.

Nomination Criteria

The Award is presented for outstanding service to mechanical engineering through:

  • A highly significant contribution, or contributions, through technical innovation relating to the science or practice of mechanical engineering; or
  • Long standing eminence in mechanical engineering science or practice; or
  • Notable and sustained leadership pertaining to mechanical engineering, within the Institution of Engineers Australia; or
  • A worthy blend of the aforementioned.

Terms and Conditions

Unsuccessful nominations in the current year remain valid for another 2 years and are again considered with any new nominations received in those following years.

Please note that non-members of Engineers Australia are eligible for the Award, however their nomination will be the exception rather than the rule.

Presentation of Award

The successful recipient will be presented with a Bronze Medal and accompanying Certificate at a Presentation Dinner or equally appropriate event and the recipient is invited to give an oration on a topic of his or her choice which will later be published in the Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering.