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Urban Transport Systems title in red on a grey background. Large red brackets sit around the red title.
Transport Australia Society | August 2023

Urban Transport Systems Report (August 2023)

This paper has been developed by Engineers Australia’s Transport Australia Society (TAs) to provide expert advice to governments, policy makers and other stakeholders with a role in policy, planning, operating and delivery of Australia’s urban transport systems.

Cover for our responsible AI submission, grey background and red text
Engineers Australia | July 2023

Responsible AI in Australia, an engineering perspective

Engineers Australia’s submission to the Safe and Responsible AI in Australia discussion paper.

Fundamentals of risk management for insurance purposes
Engineers Australia | July 2023

Fundamentals of risk management for insurance purposes

A guide for engineering sole traders and small business engineering enterprises. 

Image of cover
Engineers Australia | June 2023

Victoria State Infrastructure Strategy Update

In this submission, Engineers Australia provides feedback to Infrastructure Victoria in response to the State Infrastructure Strategy Update. Engineers Australia broadly supports the principles and objectives defined in the Strategy and has provided responses and advice.

Image of a crane working on a building site cropped in a hexagon shape in front of a white background with a red text title
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Guide for design engineers and building certifiers

This guide takes an in-principle approach, laying out best practice in terms of communication, problem solving, record keeping and teamwork, which design engineers and building certifiers will find helpful.

Three cropped images of different apartment buildings on a white background with a red text title
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Managing building defects: roles, responsibilities and collaboration among owners, strata managers and engineers

This document is intended to provide high-level guidance on the obligations, responsibilities, and areas of expertise of owners, strata managers and engineers over the lifecycle of a building.

Light blue background with red text and a red cube
Engineers Australia | April 2023

Submission to inquiry into developing advanced manufacturing in Australia

Developing Australia’s domestic capability in digital technologies is a must. Engineers Australia calls for government to look at the skills and resource requirements needed to upskill or reskill the workforce to achieve advanced manufacturing capability.

Future of transport paper cover featuring red text and an image of a highway in the middle of high rise buildings
Engineers Australia | January 2023

The future of transport discussion paper

With contributions from future of transport working group members this paper discusses pathways to a sustainable, decarbonised transport network including looking at transport though a systems view and enabling greater collaboration for project planning and funding.

Cover of Engineers Australia's 2023 Budget submission with blue background and red cube in the middle
Engineers Australia | January 2023

Engineers Australia's Budget submission 2023

Engineers Australia advocates for skills, nationally consistent registration, engineering led climate action, a reliable energy transition and support for innovation in the 2023 Federal Budget. 

Pale orange background with navy symbol
Engineers Australia | August 2022

Systems Engineering Test and Evaluation Conference Program

The SETE 2022 Conference program.

Strengthening the engineering workforce in Australia cover
Engineers Australia | August 2022

Strengthening the engineering workforce in Australia

Solutions to address the skills shortage in the short, medium, and long term.
Women in engineering: June 2022
Engineers Australia | June 2022

Women in engineering

Identifying avenues for increasing female participation in engineering, by understanding the motivators and barriers around entry and progression. 

aqua background with navy document symbol
Engineers Australia | April 2022

Commercialisation of engineering innovation

Despite having one of the world’s most educated and wealthy populations, Australia remains a chronic underperformer when it comes to the commercialisation of engineering innovation.

Enhancing productivity in infrastructure delivery policy directions paper
Engineers Australia | March 2022

Enhancing productivity in infrastructure delivery

This document provides recommendations for implementation by Australian governments, in collaboration with industry and academia, to increase productivity in the infrastructure sector and to determine how engineers can best contribute to these aspirations. 

Intergrating DER in the gird, energy discussion paper cover
Engineers Australia | March 2022

Discussion paper: integrating DER in the grid

This discussion paper is intended to stimulate a conversation about what is possible for DER integration, and how Engineers Australia should engage with it.

Barriers to employment for migrant engineers cover
Engineers Australia | October 2021

Barriers to employment for migrant engineers

Overseas-born engineers make up over 58 per cent of Australia’s engineering workforce but are significantly more likely than their Australian-born counterparts to be unemployed. To find out why and identify how to overcome the barriers to employment these engineers face, Engineers Australia commissioned research to identify potential barriers to employment.

Thumbnail cover image of publication
Engineers Australia | October 2021

Energy governance and the engineering voice

Barriers to participation in the workforce cover
Engineering for Australia Taskforce | March 2021

Barriers to participation in engineering and the value of interventions to improve diversity

Despite considerable effort, there is still much to be done to improve girls’ participation in STEM education and careers. The Engineering for Australia Taskforce has appreciated the need to act based on four issues they have identified. This paper reviews the international research literature that not only focuses on barriers to girls’ participation in engineering, but more importantly focuses on the value of interventions to improve diverse participation in engineering.

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