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Society of Fire Safety | April 2022

Inspections associated with fire safety engineering performance solutions

This guide is designed to provide guidance regarding fire safety engineering inspections within the fire safety engineering industry.

Publication cover
Society of Fire Safety | April 2022

Fire safety in partially occupied buildings

This document is designed to provide guidance regarding fire safety in partially occupied buildings.

Guide of the fire safety verification method
Society of Fire Safety | January 2021

Guide on the fire safety verification method

This guide is designed to assist professional fire safety engineers, project certifiers, design teams, approval authorities and stakeholders with the practical and appropriate use of the Fire Safety Verification Method (FSVM) as contained in Schedule 7 of the National Construction Code, Volume 1, Building Code of Australia 2019, Amendment 1 (NCC).

Fire safety verification cover
Society of Fire Safety | January 2020

Report on the fire safety verification model

Fire safety engineers from across Australia tested the Fire Safety Verification Method (FSVM) in the 2019 National Construction Code, using six different typical case studies of performance-based designs that were typical of projects being undertaken at the time. They followed the methodology in the FSVM and associated handbook to identify the benefits and disadvantages of this approach. 

Cover of facade and external wall safety design
Society of Fire Safety | March 2019

Facade and external wall fire safety design

The guide provides a fire risk assessment methodology for suitably qualified and competent professionals to determine the potential hazard of fire spread via the facade of existing buildings. It offers a pathway to deliver a risk assessment appropriate to the situation being assessed and enables a level of safety to be defined, from which the assessment goals can be set and agreed with building stakeholders.

Society of Fire Safety | May 2017

Society of Fire Safety Constitution

The Society of Fire Safety fosters excellence in fire safety in Australia. It draws together individuals actively engaged in fire safety to provide a national focus and leadership for the development, understanding, practice and application of fire safety engineering. 

Practice note cover
Society of Fire Safety | April 2014

Tenability criteria in building fires

This practice note has been prepared as a guide to practitioners on tenability criteria in building fires, for the purpose of enhancing consistency in the fire engineering industry.

Fire life safety cover
Society of Fire Safety | March 2012

Fire and life safety in existing buildings during construction

This practice note provides guidance for the development and implementation of the fire safety strategy where continued occupation of an existing building is permitted while construction or refurbishments works proceed. 

Design fires cover
Society of Fire Safety | 2012

Design fires

This practice note is a supplement to the International fire engineering guidelines for fire safety engineers to derive design fires and design fire scenarios in a consistent manner. 

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