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Engineers Australia | April 2024

Submission to changes proposed for South Australia’s Climate Change and Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Act 2007

Engineers Australia believes an urgent transition in the construction and built environment sectors is required to meet the proposed ambitious goals within the designated time frame. We are committed to supporting the South Australian Government to achieve its climate change targets.

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April 2024

Submission to draft Rail Safety Code of Practice - Level Crossings and Train Visibility

Engineers Australia supports the commitment to improving level crossing safety, by improving illumination and visibility of trains, and calls for the code to be mandatory and implemented as soon as possible.  

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April 2024

Submission to Victorian Energy Jobs Plan

Engineers Australia commends the Victorian Government for developing a strong strategy, our responses to the government's consultation provide solutions for consideration based on research and consultations we have conducted with our expert members.

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Engineers Australia | March 2024

Australian cyber security strategy: legislative reforms 2023-2030

Engineers Australia offers the view of its expert members on a few alternative approaches the Department of Home Affairs could consider that may streamline cyber security solutions while still effectively addressing the issues.

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March 2024

Australian New Vehicle Efficiency Standard submission

Engineers Australia supports the introduction of a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES) and provides advice for Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts on the proposed options for implementing the standard.

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Engineers Australia | March 2024

National Skills Passport submission

Engineers Australia’s submission provides feedback on the key principles developed by the Department of Education, focusing on how a National Skills Passport would impact the engineering industry.

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Engineers Australia | February 2024

National Water Reform 2024 Inquiry submission

Engineers Australia's submission to the National Water Reform 2024 inquiry recommends taking an integrated water management approach to achieve desired outcomes and broaden the delivery role of water utilities. This submission was developed in conjunction with members of the Queensland Division Committee, the Queensland Water Panel.

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Transport Australia Society | February 2024

Keeping Hobart Moving submission

The Transport Australia society and Engineers Australia give feedback on the Keeping Hobart Moving – Transport Solutions for Our Future draft plan.

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Engineers Australia | December 2023

Climate Active Program submission

Engineers Australia fully supports the scheme and endorses the intent of this consultation opportunity to increase the certification standards contained therein. We provide four recommendations for the program to consider.

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Engineers Australia | November 2023

Reducing infrastructure embodied emissions

Engineers Australia acknowledges that addressing embedded and active emissions in the infrastructure sector is a pressing global challenge that requires immediate attention. We advocate that consideration needs to be given to the social, economic and environment costs of climate change on infrastructure as part of managing current and future impacts. This paper was produced through Engineers Australia’s member delivered policy and advocacy initiative.

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Engineers Australia | October 2023

Roadmap to establish an Australian decommissioning industry submission

Engineers Australia highlights that decommissioning is a $60 billion opportunity for Australian industry and workers.

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Transport Australia Society | October 2023

Engineers Australia and Transport Australia society submission train lighting and visibility

Engineers Australia and the Transport Australia society have co-authored this submission with the aim to improve safety on road and railways for all Australians.

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Engineers Australia | October 2023

ShapingSEQ 2023 update submission

Engineers Australia provides this submission to the Queensland Government compiling the thoughts of
leaders in the engineering industry in response to the ShapingSEQ 2023 document. 

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Engineers Australia | September 2023

Universities Accord Interim Report submission

Engineers Australia suggests three priorities for action by Government to improve the pipeline of Australian engineers.

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September 2023

Strengthening diversity in STEM

Engineers Australia's submission provides case studies to show how initiatives can be implemented at a practical level to lessen current and future skills shortages outlined in the independent panel’s broader view of STEM.

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Engineers Australia | September 2023

Engineers Australia submission to NSW Decennial Liability Insurance proposal

This submission calls for national consistent building reforms, including a national Decennial Liability Insurance market and a straightforward claims process among other asks.

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Engineers Australia | September 2023

Alternative Commonwealth Capabilities for Crisis Response 2023

Engineers Australia's response to the public consultation on Alternative Commonwealth Capabilities for Crisis Response discussion paper.

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Engineers Australia | September 2023

Australia’s Research Priorities

Engineers Australia's response to the public consultation on the Australia’s Research Priorities discussion paper. 

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